Get in ma belly!

Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow is New Years Eve, woo hoo. I’ve decided I’m going to try to go out, something I really enjoy doing. I went out by myself for the first time yesterday and being extra careful, I was still nervous about fainting. I got really light-headed in the dentist’s chair (I think it’s something to do with my new skull and the dentist chair when it’s down.) Either way I was still a little light headed when I left so I made sure to be extra careful driving the five minutes back home.

I understand now that I just don’t like going out alone, no one wants to faint without anyone being there..obviously.

Yesterday I had a crazy craving for peanut butter but the consistency was just too thick and I didn’t want to risk me trying to chew on it. I stuck it in the vitamix but it was still thick so I added some milk. I took a sip and was craving protein so badly I drank it all. Yuck! I realise now just  how disgusting it was.

Today however, I had  decided to try and eat some cheesecake that I wanted to blend. For anyone that thinks they can eat this after surgery in its original format, you can’t ladies and gentlemen. It’s just too risky and there is a much simpler method, as I was about to find out…

I put a slice of cheesecake in our little blender, a black and decker, and blended it…still too thick. The consistency needs to be able to run down a glass so that even if you can’t drink it, you can let it just run into your mouth. Attractive, I know.

So I added some cool whip…still too thick. At this point I was drooling and getting so impatient because I could smell the deliciousness but couldn’t get my mittens on it! I decided I would add some milk, why not right? Cheese…milk….come from the same source. Wowza is all I can say…It was delicious! It tasted just like cheesecake, none of this “it tastes like feet but I’m so hungry I’m trying to ignore it.”

Here is a picture of my culinary art, If I may say so myself…..

Here’s the before:

and here is the blended version:







If anyone would like directions let me know, its super simple and so worth it!

Today my swelling is down even more, my weight loss is at 18 pounds in 23 days!

Here are some updated pictures:

I look terrified in the first one, haha.

Xoxo  Meow

19 Pounds!


19 pounds lost in three weeks, complete insanity.

My face is still looking the same, so no need for a picture. My skin has been so bizarre, a side effect of the surgery. They don’t go into detail about what they do to your skin but they do stuff….a lot of stuff. It’s almost like there’s a layer of sand all over my face, dry skin? Perhaps.

I summarized how I was feeling overall and I feel this statement should become a headline for future surgery patients. It sounds really harsh but it really hits the nail on the head. I said
” I feel like an 85-year-old who is battling sickness.”

The lack of movement I’m willing to do and the aches and pains that come and go, and of course, there’s the overall fatigue that you feel after getting up for five minutes.

I’m feeling okay today, the weather is pretty gloomy and I don’t foresee myself leaving the house. Last night I took Advil PM since I had some pain and it allowed me to get some much needed sleep. I woke up as soon as the Advil ran out but was able to go right back to sleep.

Since I have no pictures of myself to enlighten you with I thought, what a better thing to post then……. PUPPIES AND KITTENS.

Okay, so they’re actually both middle-aged but still….so cute!


The Pain.

You would think that the worst of the pain would be over by now. Last night was one of the worst nights by far as I had a horrible headache and overall facial pain. The medicines just weren’t doing the trick ( I think it’s just really important to stay on top of the pain, I fell behind) and with a cold wash cloth on my forehead I tried to sleep. I fell asleep at around 2 am and woke up a few times during the night, today I am exhausted.

I went to Costco and used one of the electric carts, of course my cart showed full battery until running out 20 minutes later. The race to checkout before it ran out so I didn’t have to walk was the most entertainment I’ve had in a couple of days.

People definitely stare at you. I feel like they’re thinking “she doesn’t need that cart, how rude of her”…. Little do they know!

The dizziness is really getting to me, I get up and I just get so lightheaded…I’m hoping this passes soon.

So I’m kind of over doing the daily pictures just because I’m overly lazy ( I won’t even try to make an excuse) but if you would like some updates, let me know. I shall deliver. If I start to notice a change I’ll definitely post them!

Here is the medical stuff now: Are you ready?


On the left is the before picture, my air way is the little black “hole.”  On the right is the after picture. Moving my jaw forward during surgery allowed my airway to be the size it should be.

Here’s a diagram of my jaw before and after.


Merry Christmas everyone!

I just had my first “desperate attempt” at a normal meal, gravy, stuffing, and mashed potatoes blended. I drank quite a bit of it and it really wasn’t that bad. Looking at the stuffing in its normal form in a plate is quite painful though, I have to admit.

My dessert was nutella, yum. Dr. Gunson said I should really try not to eat without my elastics in. It makes things a lot more challenging that way but, whatever is best for the mouth!

My lips and chin are still numb and I can’t use utensils so everything got really messy. I didn’t care though, I was so happy to be eating something so delicious.

I would post pictures but todays activities have worn me out! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

The Red Eye

Finally home.

And since this post is as long as a short novel, I’ll post my pictures right now. Please excuse the hair….smeared make up… shirt with grits on it….and my sign ( a piece of paper.) I lost the marker for my board.

We took three  planes, each one getting worse. The pain I felt was absolutely excruciating. I was so weak ( apparently from the weight loss and loss of blood during the operation) and needed wheel chair assistance. Arriving into Los Angeles, I waited five minutes outside the plane for the person with the wheel chair, standing there got too tiring so we started walking and were met by the wheelchair eventually. The lady was so rude, asking us what we wanted to do. They can’t leave you with the wheelchair  so they either wheel you around (eating somewhere would have been awkward, they just stand there…Maybe wheelchair theft is common in an airport, doubtful) or they drop you off somewhere ( for me, it was in a secluded seating area away from humanity) and then leave…with the wheelchair.

Wonderful. Three hour wait and I feel like a secluded leper.

To make things worse when it got time for our flight, the lady at the desk was a complete Grinch wearing a Hawaiian shirt, I wanted to drink from my sports bottle ( bad idea, normal bottles are much better, lesson learned) and then drool on her. Usually wheelchair assisted people get on the plane first so as to not disrupt everyone but no, she just let me sit there. I was even able to make my way towards the plane, only after did she realise that she hadn’t even checked my boarding pass and chased us down like wild zoo animal.

Mom was my personal guard and protector during the whole travelling. So funny. I was so “high” on pain medication that everything was hazy but I remember mom going up to the rude lady,behind the little “united airlines” podium. Hands flying everywhere and suddenly I just heard yelling. Something about my mom needing to step away from “United Airlines” podium, and my mom yelling ” my daughter….6 hours of surgery……she just needs a wheelchair to get to the plane!”

The last flight was the worst. Not because of the people (thank you Chicago) but because of the pain. I was so positive my brain was going to explode due to the air pressure changes. I don’t know if it’s because my sinuses were operated on during surgery but the pain I felt was absolutely horrible. The air pressure affects your ears, head, and sinuses.

I really recommend that anyone who has gotten the surgery try to wait as long as they can to fly. It’s different for everyone I’m sure, but the pain was almost unbearable. Mind you, this was also on my strong medication. Once hom we called Dr. Gunson because I was still in a lot of pain and I’ve been doing so well that we just felt it was necessary to call. He was so nice, and sounded genuinely sorry I was in pain. I feel like doctors are so used to patients wining they start not to care haha but Gunson told mom exactly what to do. His directions were surprisingly specific but the pain is at a bearable level now, so thankful.

Now that I’m done complaining about my flight, which I apologize for, I should be thankful I’m home safe…even with pain, it could be much worse.

We left Santa Barbara at 9 o’clock at night so we had the whole day and Dr. Gunson opened the office just for us. Since I was going home he wanted to confirm that my bite and jaw were doing okay. Have you heard of a doctor actually opening his office just for you? And two days before Christmas! I was so appreciative.

My favorite part was this:

Yes, that is Dr. Gunson on an awesome motorbike.

Home tomorrow!


I go home tomorrow, yaaaaaaay! I’m so very ready to leave. I love Santa Barbara but I’m ready to have some normalcy. I’ve been forgetting to mention one of the main reasons I had my surgery, my airway! Moving my jaw forward in surgery will allow my airway to be the size it should be.

This is an x-ray of my airway, it is encircled in red. Apparently it should be four times this size…Now it is! With my new airway I won’t have to deal with severe sleep apnea when I’m older which is when it becomes a real problem. Before surgery sleeping was never a big issue except that I would sleep for ten plus hours and still be tired. That’s one of the effects of a small airways according to the doctors. Again, I don’t know the scientific explanation so please excuse the simple terminology.

I changed my elastics today, it took about half an hour. And that’s after I did my exercises for half an hour, a whole hour dedicated to my jaw….exhausting. I can’t believe I have to do that twice more today.

I’m feeling some tingling and little nerve pinches in my chin which means it’s slowly trying to wake up. They’re kind of painful 😦

Say “Ahhhhh”

What an action packed day! I spent two hours with Dr. Gunson today as we tweaked  my mouth a little more. My right side was touching more than the left so we were working on getting the left to touch evenly. It’s still all very scientific and I have trouble re-wording it 🙂

As I write this I am doing my jaw exercises. After taking out the elastics I have to open my mouth for a few seconds and then close. For now Dr. Gunson is having me do this three times a day for half an hour because my mouth was not opening as much as he was hoping.

Good news is that I ate some spaghettios today, yum! But had to blend the pasta up more and more each time. It’s been a lot tougher because I  kept thinking that liquids with particles meant little baby pieces of food. In reality it means scientific particles as in tiny miniscule pieces of food. Now whenever I try to go to sleep all I think about is how I will be eating more liquid the next day, it’s a pain in the butt. I get these moments where I just can’t stand the thought of eating liquids…

I lost one more pound today which means I’ve lost a pound for each day since surgery! (Two whole weeks)

Mom was so hungry ( poor thing doesn’t like to eat in front of me) but I told her I didn’t mind. We went to McDonald’s and I decided to try a McFlurry. It was so challenging to eat! Mom said she wolfed her food down because looking at me struggling to eat was too difficult, she felt bad….which made me feel bad.

I went home and set the McFlurry in front of the heater to let it melt more so I could drink it. By far the worst thing for me today was the messy eating. I eat food and get it all over my chin but don’t feel it. My mom will yell at me from across the room “dripping, you’re dripping honey get it, get it hurry!”

I am praying the numbness doesn’t end up being permanent.

This is me so hungry, trying to melt the mcflurry so I can drink. So frustrating!

I got to brush the rest of my teeth, this is me begging the tooth-brush to not hurt me.

Teehee me being so silly.


My swelling is way down today, I am finally looking more like…me!

I’ve got a lot of other things to take care of though, like changing my elastics, practicing opening, taking my joint medication, making sure my skin cleansers don’t give me an allergic reaction etc. Lots to do.

I could not be happier I had my surgery during Christmas break. There is no way I ( or anyone ) could be handling all of this with added stresses.

Here are my updated pictures with a picture of me before surgery!


Sorry about the quality. Keep special attention on my lips and chin. That’s where you can see the difference for now.

and NOW: