Arrival in Santa Barbara

Finally here! Mom and I arrived last night, it felt alot later due to the jet lag but our arrival time was 5:00. The plane from San Francisco to S. Barbara was frighteningly small. My mothers first words were “Its so small! And it has propellers!.” Anyways, the flight wasnt so bad, I was able to take a little nap and before I knew it. We were on the ground!

I’ve been excited about coming to Santa Barbara since the first time I came here in Feb. 2010 (for the first consultation), its a wonderful little place with alot to offer. My surgery is this Wednesday (more on that later) and I have to stay in the area for three weeks so we rented an apartment. We found it on Homeaway, the apartment is under the name MamaDux and is simply wonderful. I strongly reccomend it to anyone getting surgery! Its right in the middle of everything and did I mention, It’s fit for a princess? Teehee, no really. The style of the studio itself is warm, classy, and very luxurious. I dont want to leave the place!



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