Hello world!

Hello World!

This blog is for anyone interested in jaws, teeth, bite, and of course, jaw surgery. If you are not interested in the above, this blog will probably be of no interest to you but, each to his own 🙂

I have been working towards upper and lower jaw surgery for the past two years. My pain symptoms included migraines, jaw clicking, sore joints, difficult opening, and a lot, lot more. I finally went to Dr. Chira and found out my problem was worse than they had thought. I was connected to Dr’s Arnett and Gunson in Santa Barbara California and we have been working as a team preparing for surgery. Two years have passed and here I am, less than a week away from surgery! I hope to keep you all updated as much as possible, if you have any questions, ask!

Now a little about me:



Occupation-Full time student

Favorite foods-Pasta

Worst part about this whole ortho. process: Having braces in college.

Best part about this whole ortho. process: Improving my appearance!

I went to Dr.’s Arnett and Gunson for the first time in Februrary of 2010, they made a very professional looking packet (half of which is far too medical for me) but, they put in a computer simulated picture of what I will closely look like after surgery. Keep in mind this is done by a computer, The Dr.’ warned me that I look like Im straining but it will not look like this after surgery, its just a technicality with computer software.
Disclaimer: The morning after I arrived in Santa Barbara I was at the E.R…with kidney stones. Notice my eyes are half closed in the following pictures.

I found a software online that let’s you “surgically alter” your face. I decided to try it out myself. Here are my results 🙂

This is a picture I took (while I was “high”on the kidney stone meds) at my first ever appointment with the Dr.’s: Great first impression….

I told the whole office I had found Nemo….


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