-3 days until surgery

I am so nervous!

Tomorrow will be my first pre-surgical meeting with the doctors. I think we will be going over the basic stuff and then, the FUN stuff. I think Im meeting with a nutritionist person, I have strict orders that I lose the weight…and keep it off. None of this, “I lost 20 pounds and then BAM it came back when I started chewing again!” Nope, not for me. I want to make sure I remain healthy as I drink

…..nothing but liquids…… ( particle free mind you) for weeks!

I have also come out with a rare skin rash that has doctors baffled. By baffled, I mean they don’t know what it is exactly. After going to Dr. Macs office on Friday I got a call from the team in California saying I had to make an appointment with a dermatologist and get a culture done. (A culture is when they rub a Q Tip on your skin.) What I got was so much more.

The doctor who saw me was voted the 5th sexiest woman in NYC, no joke…it was in a magazine. I can’t wait to tell my guy friends.

After my culture she thought it would be a good idea to do a biopsy, I’m fully aware a biopsy means removing skin so obviously, I was fearful. We called Dr. Gunson to make sure it was okay to have an open wound and he cleared us so we began the process. One shot of anaesthesia and I couldn’t feel a thing, she tied it up in one stitch and sent my skin away to the lab.

Here’s a picture (My first visible stitch, so cute)

The bill ended up being $900. Mother was not too pleased but I reminded her that we had met the 5th sexiest woman in the city. (She still wasn’t too pleased)

What happens from here? I find out tomorrow. I’m praying they say my skin is okay, nothing serious and that surgery is still set for Wednesday. I was told if the rash did not go away, I would have to postpone 😦 This would be traumatizing for me mentally, I don’t think I can wait any longer, and what if I don’t make it for Christmas on time?

Praying hard tonight xoxo


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