Did you know….

….that during surgery they stitch your eyelids closed!? definitely a fact I would have been more than happy not knowing but with lawsuits being the “cool” thing to do, I guess we have to be warned of everything. Apparently I’m also receiving a nice little baby screw on my forehead, but its going to be taken out before I wake up….ah thank goodness for anaesthesia.

Oh! Before I forget, I was cleared for surgery today! My skin biopsy came out totally normal, we think my outbreak was stress related. Lovely!

On the other hand I had my pre-surgical appointment with Dr. Gunson and his wonderful co-worker Kim. I’m not sure what she does but, she knows all the answers to my questions 🙂

We went over pre surgery things and then Gunson came in to explain what they would do during the actual surgery. From what I understood the are splitting my upper jaw in half, yowza. They’re doing a whole bunch of other stuff but I have no idea what most of it means. Here, I’ll give you the technical name and you can try to solve it yourselves:

Multisegment Lefort I Osteotomy Bilateral Sagittal split osteotamies. Local bone harvest bone grafting to the maxilla and mandible.

Heres a picture of the doctors taking measurements:

Personally, I think it has a large resemblance to this scene from “Saw.”

Still Image: Saw

I have to admit, my favorite part of the appointment was the possible side effects of the medicine. Kim talking to my mother, “If she begins to hallucinate or see things that are not really there, just let us know.”

No, My favorite part was really the comfortable atmosphere of the office and how nice Dr. Gunson is. Its comforting to know that the person changing your appearance really cares about your thoughts and opinions!

Tomorrow’s the pre-surgery hospital appointment, I will update you all!


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