Surgery Day! (12-2011)

Hi everyone!

So here is where my day of surgery began:

I am not able to write too much today as the medicines make my vision blurry. Surgery went well and everyone says I’m not swelling the usual amount which is great. The doctors and nurses are all so nice, I have had little  discomfort.

Here’s me  right out of surgery


During the surgery I lost a lot of blood so I’m staying here an extra night,

I apologise for the short message, I am just so tired that it takes me a really long time to think of a word, and then spell it correctly.

Here’s my “new” profile…I have a chin!

This is Lux  and I, she was having the same surgery but with Arnett. She is going to come out sooo beautifully.

My surgery buddy Daniel wanted to come by before his operation. Why am I wearing Rudolph antlers? Ask my mother. I was taken advantage of 😉

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