Day 3

I just went on my first five-minute walk and it sure felt good! I’m so lucky to be in beautiful Santa Barbara instead of anywhere else, really. My nose has stopped bleeding for the most part but if I have to bend down to get something it will start-up again. The pain I’m feeling today is in my lower jaw, I think…you can never be sure because your still so numb.

Watching me try to drink out of a glass is hilarious and a towel is always needed.

Here is my picture today…I think the swelling is slowly increasing but over all its been fine. Very surprising considering I bruise SO easily! It still feels weird when I look in the mirror, I’m trying for figure out what my final appearance will be like!

Haha this is me trying to smile…impossible with everything numb.Also ignore the blood, nothing to worry about very normal, just difficult to remove 🙂

Anyone considering getting the surgery I highly recommend the office Arnett and Gunson. Gunson has made himself available to answer questions. He also, of course, improved my overall appearance.


2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Hi Ashley

    Hope you are having the pain controlled. when I say I feel your pain, I mean it for sure. I have had 4 knee surgeries.

    Do you ‘spose you can stop by Dallas on your way home again? jk 😉

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