First night at home

Here’s a picture of me the day I left the hospital with my surgery buddy Daniel

As  mentioned before, I lost alot of blood during surgery so they kept me there for an extra night.  Not too bad considering the nurses are super helpful, I could probably stay there for two weeks.

The bad side of this surgery is the pain ( in my case.) Apparently a lot of people don’t feel pain because the medicines just worked for them. For me the only that worked was having my morphine pump available at all times. obviously this couldn’t go on forever so I has a rough night the second night after surgery. Dr. Gunson reassured me that I wouldn’t leave the hospital in pain…It was all about me feeling comfortable.

My medicine regime now consists of Oxycontin in the liquid form every four hours, Seems like a lot but believe me at three hours no matter where I am, I begin feeling pain pain pain.

As for my face itself, it feels HUGE buts it’s really not. I can’t open my mouth much at all, I don’t think I would want t see whats in their anyways. I’ve been rinsing my mouth with the salt water “stuff” which helps me feel a little cleaner.

I apologize for not having any pictures, as soon as I got home I just lay down in bed. Of course, I made sure to do my 5 minute walks!

If you have any questions let me know!


4 thoughts on “First night at home

  1. Hey Ashley! Did you donate blood to yourself a few weeks prior to the surgery? I know Gunson/Arnett require many of their patients to do that.

    My other main question is nausea – I’ve read so many horror stories about other patients (with other doctors, not A/G) who have horrible nausea after surgery…throwing up while their mouth is banded shut, etc. *shudder* Did you experience any nausea, and were you on any anti-nausea meds?

    1. I chose not to donate any blood because I dont like needles BUT during surgery I lost a lot of my blood and they had to keep me one extra night. Sooooooo, its up to you. They said I didnt need any more blood but it definetly made me reconsider wether or not I should have done it.
      I was not nauseas at all. I was terrified of throwing up tho so I made sure I suctioned the blood after surgery (they’ll explain this to you, no worries) and made sure I ate before taking specific medications.

      1. That’s so good to hear that you weren’t nauseous! Literally, that is my greatest fear in this whole process. That, getting an infection, and seeing any surgical instruments before the anesthesia kicks in on the day of surgery.

        I will probably donate to myself…I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who donates blood to others, but I, too, am terrified of needles and I faint really easily. Maybe if I force myself to donate to myself I can get over the fear!

  2. For future reference, when I had my recent jaw surgery, I disobeyed the directions on the Roxicodone label. Instead of 10ml every 4 hours, I took 4ml when the pain would first come, then 2ml every hour afterwards. That would prevent having sudden highs and lows throughout the day. The main reason for doing this is because I was having terrifying hallucinations and nightmares an hour after taking the full dose at once. Spreading it out like that also kept the pain from coming back at the end of the cycle. I’m sure it carries some kind of risk from having the receptors in your brain completely blocked at all times without any kind of break, so let’s just say I can’t recommend it without first talking to your doctor, and you do so at your own risk if you try.

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