4 days post-op


First of all I’m going to apologize once more for any spelling errors, the medicine I’m on makes typing realllyyyy challenging.

Sleep. One of the most important things. I havent been getting any. I’m not sure if it’s because I have to be on my back, head elevated,…..OR it could be the fact that every two hours the alarm would go off so I can get my medicine. I have finally understood that I can’t miss or be late with my medicine otherwise I begin to feel excruciating pain.

Other strange things happening are connected to the fact I’m getting feeling back inside my mouth. I don’t know what it is, but there is something very odd in my mouth…not stiches, it’s as if there were little additions here and there just floating around in my mouth. Yucky

Also strange is my nose….itchy itchy. I swear I woke up last night scratching my nose.  And my eyesight like I mentioned before is very strange. Whenever I type, I shut one of my eyes? How weird is that..

Apart from all these little problems, I am feeling an improvement and I can’t wait to have the swelling go down. Apparently, today should be the last day of swelling…its all deflation from here on. Woohoo

Here are some photos I just took. This is 4 days post-op. Lbs lost = 7



3 thoughts on “4 days post-op

  1. Looks like your recovery is going well! I consulted with Arnett in July and should be ready for surgery by July/August and if not will be pushing it to the winter. Could you please e-mail me? I have a ton of questions for you! Would really appreciate it 🙂


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