First Day out in the Real World

Today I decided I was going to go out for longer than my 5 minute walk. Santa Barbara is so beautiful and it was a perfect day. I made sure to wear a scarf because my facial tape has blood on it making it look like im constantly bleeding from my nostril. Apart from that I looked pretty normal. I have to admit my walk is still slightly off, I don’t know how to explain it. Thank goodness im not walking like this anymore. This is my first post-op walk on day 2!

On a more negative note, one gentleman decided that I wouldn’t catch him staring at me as I crossed the street. I knew I wouldn’t care because whatever our faces look like now, they are going to improve. The fact that he was so rudely staring in the first place is what made me so angry. Do people no longer have any manners?

Back to the positive notes, I had a reflexology foot massage today. It was very nice, a little too long but I think it did a world of good. I could feel the blood rushing up from my feet to the rest of my body. For someone who has been practically bed ridden maintaining blood circulation is very important.

The pain has been controllable except for the past hour and a half. I think my nerves are waking up and my whole mouth is in A LOT of pain. My cheeks, my teeth, even my tongue is in pain…Im hoping it will go away as I just took the strong stuff. Its kind of sad to think I wont be totally numb anymore, that must have saved me so much pain 😦

Oh well, tomorrow is a whole new day, wish me luck with the pain!


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