First Night of Good Sleep

I have been awake for less than half an hour and I can think of lots of things I’ve improved on. First of all, last night was a relatively restful night, I can never calculate how much sleep I actually get, but the fact I’m awake right now is a good sign of  peaceful sleep. I forgot to mention that having a good nights sleep is super tough,not only because I have to sleep with my head raised and on my back but also because every two hours I get woken up by an alarm and I take my medicine. It’s been quite the system really….My mama planned it all out for me.

Another improvement is the fact I woke up and I’m hungry, hungry for eggs….bacon/sausage…..pancakes…..little bit of whipped cream…….add chocolate chips in the pancakes. But alas, I am going to have a yummy protein drink 🙂

I am so excited for my appointment with the dr’s tomorrow, I hope they see how hard I’m trying! And they’re also going to remove this ugly facial tape from my face, so gross. I can’t wait. Hopefully, they’ll say I’ve done really well, and everything looks super good!

Here’s a picture of me in front of all my beautiful gifts and “get well” items:

(That is my super happy face, it doesn’t look like I’m trying…but I am)

Here are pictures of me today:



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