First Appointment Post-Op!

Today was my first post-op appointment with the crew and overall it went very well. They cut my elastics that were basically keeping my mouth closed, this was super exciting because my booklet had originally said this would happen in a week. Anyway, it felt weird having nothing holding my mouth together but not as weird as most people say. What I think was weirder was that I thought I was opening my jaw but to my surprise Gunson handed me a mirror and I was actually not really doing anything,(p.s look how fancy Dr.G’s shirt is….so fancy)

I will be allowed to go on my liquid diet (that means anything that is liquid, but it won’t have to be strained) next week. I am soooo excited. Grits, here I come! Overall my appointment went really well, they cleaned my mouth up (so gross, but I kind of wanted to watch) and put in new elastics but in different places. Now, I have to tell you about this hook I have coming out of my bone on my lower gum, it looks like captain hooks hand…but its little…and on my jaw. I will only take a photo if I get requests because it would be intrusive to my mouth BUT we’re talking about a metal hook….can you say, wow!?

My stomach was very upset today because of the antibiotics so I’m not taking those anymore. I’m still taking the Oxy ( in liquid form) and the Tylenol but in solid form, thank goodness. Once you’re “drinking” all your medicine that sweet syrup can get really gross! My swelling is still going down and I got to remove my facial tape! Hopefully that will stop rude people from staring.



One thought on “First Appointment Post-Op!

  1. Ashley: I am a friend of your mom’s in Hyderabad. She told me about your surgery. I want you to know we are all thinking and praying for your successful (and as pain-free as possible) recovery. I am impressed that you are keeping up with your blog with all you are going through. I look forward to seeing your progress. Merry Christmas!

    -Deanna Titzler

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