Not so sweet…..

( I’ve come out with the strangest bruises on my eyes..even the doctor said he had never seen this)

Today has been super difficult for me. I wasn’t able to eat anything until about 10 minutes ago, I had clam chowder sans the clams. I have come to understand that anything sweet is a major no-no for me. The thought of eating, smelling, or drinking something sweet is absolutely revolting. Maybe this is a permanent change? For now, I’m enjoying the warm soup in my belly. Before that I had a small coffee, water, and 3 sips of a (what would normally be delicious to me) Nutella and banana smoothie. I think my body was running so low on calories and I haven’t taken a nap today that I just felt really sick and light-headed.

I went on my five-minute walk today and it was quite the struggle. I couldn’t see signs ahead of me, that’s a side effect of the medicine added onto the nausea, strangely enough my final destination for this walk was a grocery store. The ONE thing I thought I could eat was clam chowder. I feel like a pregnant woman sometimes! I get the strangest cravings, I move very slowly ( no offense ladies), and I have to sleep on my back. Well, I’ll be prepared I guess. Adding more humor is the fact I’ve had kidney stones so many times in the past year, according to women with children the pain of kidney stones is worse than child labor. Wow, I really am ready for any future pregnancies I might go through.

My mood is especially low today because frankly I am so sick of being swollen. I feel like a slug….just slugging around everywhere, but I’m a sad slug 😦 I’m a slug that can’t eat anything.

As for my swelling, I feel like my lips are more swollen but it could be because he changed the elastics yesterday. My face looks pretty much the same…I’ll let you decide for yourselves 🙂


Tomorrow I have another appointment with the doctors. I hope I feel better, I want to remain positive and not start going backwards in my recovery…wish me luck?


6 thoughts on “Not so sweet…..

  1. Ashley, I’ve been following all your posts and I just want to tell you that you look gorgeous!! I know it’s hard right now but keep your spirits off because it will pay off in the end. You’re doing amazing and it’s only going to get better from here. I wish you all the best in your recovery 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Maria!
      I am really going to miss you next semester, but I’m SO happy your going to Italy.You are going to love it there, and you’re such a warm and caring person that I have no doubt in my mind you’re going to fit in with the culture perfecty!
      Thanks for your words though, they made me feel a lot better!

  2. Hi girly, you sound so incredibly down so I wanted to send you a quick message. You can take this with a grain of salt, but I think with everyone who goes through this surgery thinks that they’ll ‘do better than average’ when it comes to recovery and it’ll be kick ass… I think we stop for a minute and fail to realize HOW INTENSE this surgery is on our body, the shock, the trauma, the confusion, the body trying to make up for lost blood, fluid, tissue, bone, ect ect- The human body is a work of art but not perfect. Dont be too hard on yourself, take it one day at a time, know that tomorrow you will be more beautiful and as the days seem slow and long now, you will look back at this and it will be beaming ear to ear with the results… It wont be this way for too long!! Smile, find things that make your heart happy, laugh, anything that will make you smile for a little while

    Here is something that got a few good laughs out of me :

  3. Thank you Mintylemonade!
    Your words of encouragement were much needed 🙂 I really can forget sometimes just how huge this surgery is. I just hope other people remember how huge it is too hehe. I’m pretty sensitive right now!

    And thank you for the video, I’m not laughing as much as I usually do so it was a very nice change. Those poor people must have thought they were really losing it!

  4. Ashley,

    Just checking in with you…keep up the great work and keep up your positive attitude. The healing and recovery appear to be going well. Your body will let you know when to slow down so down get discouraged when it does. We are all looking forward to seeing you soon. You really look FABULOUS and sounded so upbeat when I spoke to you earlier this week.

    We love following your blog- thank you for sharing your experience with us:)

    We miss you!

    Dr. Chira and your friends at Chira Orthodontics

    1. Thanks Dr. Chira and the crew!

      P.S Gunson said:
      1) My bite is perfect.
      2) Soft chew diet February 1st, don’t you go delaying that 😉
      3) Theirs a rumor going around that if my bite is still beautiful, which it is thanks to you, I will be able to wear my elastics only at night a week earlier then when my soft chew diet begins.

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