Thursday Night Fever

I had a fever last night (100.3,) very strange for me, I swear the last time I had a fever was in the 4th grade. At my second appointment with the doctors today they said it’s very normal to have a slight little fever. It’s doesn’t feel good at all, One second I’m hot, the next I’m cold, and of course the typical “body ache” is present…that’s probably the worst symptom.

This is me in the waiting room haha, I look so glamorous with my sunglasses. I just put them on so I could take a nap!

Here’s a video of me doing my “mouth” exercises. They take out the elastics and I have to practice opening and closing, and moving side to side. It’s quite the challenge!!

I can’t wait to go on my all liquids diet on Tuesday. I’ve already planned out things I want to eat (spaghettios,grits,) anything I can drink out of a cup is fair game. If anyone has any ideas for liquids, let me know! My body is stuck on the 10 lbs lost in a week, it simply will not budge. Apparently this is my body going into starvation mode. I hope it ends soon…..At least give me the weight loss to be content about right?

As for pain, it hasn’t changed much and the medicines really help. The one thing that is happening more often is this weird tingling, tickle, itch sensation on my left cheek/jaw area. I know it means something is waking up, it just feel so weird! I think it’s going to get worse too, like when my nose starts coming alive. I am so thankful I’m not drooling though, apparently I’m lucky with that. My nose still bleeds, kinda gross but I’m just happy I can feel it coming. The last thing I need is for blood to run down my numb chin and I’ll be walking around with no idea I have blood on my face. So attractive. The bruising is slowly going away and I think the swelling went down too. I’ve gotten to a point where I really don’t care about covering my “square” face, if someone has an issue with it, they can walk the other way. Thank goodness I haven’t had a little child look at me and scream, that was one of my biggest concerns.

This is what I picture:

Photo taken from:

Here are my pics for the day!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Night Fever

  1. i love this video! i’m having surgery Feb 9th supposedly and this definitely gives me things to look forward to! Is there anyway you could post more before pics?

    1. Thanks Rebecca!
      I will post more “before” pics right away…finding ones of my profile is a little difficult but on my blog I have the picture taken of my profile by the doctors, if you want to see another one you can look at that one…it’s from one of the first posts 🙂

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