Just like velvet.

Are you wondering why my title is “just like velvet?” Mama just blended up a wonderful cup of lentil soup, definitely the thickest yet. As soon as I began to drink it, my first sentence was “Mmmm goes in just like velvet.” See, when you have only liquids you begin to appreciate a little bit of variety….this much thicker consistency? Very appreciated.

I went “out” to eat today for the first time. Found this cute little place on State Street that had just been featured on the Food Network. They were advertising their clam chowder ( a very popular dish with me lately) and after explaining my situation he was able to blend the “chowda” into a smooth tasty soup. Yum.

I still get very down about not eating pasta. I think about it every minute of the day, sometimes I try to imagine the taste, other times I beg people to describe the pasta they’re eating to me. People think I’m joking but I’m not. I want to know what pasta you ate, how it smells, the texture, the taste, the sauce……I am slowly going bonkers I think 😉

My personal favorite is whenever I walk by a resteraunt and I think to myself “I wonder if they know just how lucky they are to be eating food right now?” This whole experience is opening my eyes to a whole new world.

My swelling continues to go down, yay! I found out I can’t wear any makeup until Tuesday which is interesting, I didn’t think to ask before because honestly I didn’t care. I bet not wearing make up is a huge issue for some people, thankfully my skin has stayed clear, I can’t imagine how much harder this would be if I broke out and couldn’t cover it up. (Knock on wood, or metal if you’re in Italy.)

I had the genius idea this morning, in a moment of desperation I saw a little cup of peanut butter. Mmmm protein at its finest. But how would I get it into my mouth? In comes the syringe….

It took about 15 minutes to set it up……

And squeezing it into my mouth took so long that I lost the excitement and gave up…way too hard.

Here is my face today!

I feel like I’ve been showing the glamorous side of this surgery and only describing the difficult moments in words….I felt this picture really summed up the reality of the situation.

This is me, drinking out of a mug (that’s all I can drink out of) in my pink bathrobe, in front of the TV, on strong pain medication, and with toilet paper stuck up my nose. My right nostril is quite the trouble maker.

Now, if this isn’t attractive I honestly don’t know what is…..


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