It’s alive, It’s alive!

I think I’ve developed feeling in my left cheek. Very nice, very nice. The area below my mouth and my chin is still very numb, I look forward to the day when someone will ask me if they can light my chin on fire to see if it hurts. The swelling came back a little bit which is always frustrating, especially because it came accompanied with some terrible pain. I don’t have an explanation for the pain but my whole bottom jaw is feeling very tight. It feels exactly how an old door that needs to be greased feels. Like I have rusty parts and I need some desperate oil. I’ve taken two doses of the oxy and a dose of Tylenol and the pain is still strong, I can only imagine what it would feel like without the medicine.

I was staring at my mouth in the mirror today and lightly poked the elastic in the front of my mouth, the one that is connected to the screw below my top lip and the hook below my bottom, and it snapped! I screamed out of fear because it slapped me in the mouth. I called one of the ladies from the office (it’s Saturday, remember) and she said it happens every now and then and that I don’t have to worry about it. I was so surprised I could reach her on a Saturday especially when she happened to be on vacation! What lovely people.

I was looking forward to my walk downtown today but it ended abruptly. I was in pain to start off with but wanted to distract myself. What ended up shortening my outing was pure light-headedness. I don’t remember if this is due to the surgery or if it’s a side effect of the medicine but it’s quite scary. You just feel very weak and vulnerable. The idea of fainting and landing on my face is so terrifying I chose to just call it a day and go home. Mom and I ended up going on a drive a bit later. We wanted to see the real estate on the hills, boy are those roads curvy!

The food cravings are stronger than ever.It’s mostly for pasta, short pasta…preferably a l’amatriciana…anyways, mother is cooking pasta for herself tonight. (I told her it was fine because I wanted to be able to smell it.) My plan was to taste some of the sauce she was putting on it,no harm in that right? It’s liquid. Then I got the brilliant idea of sticking it into the blender but mom felt it would be psychologically damaging considering the pasta was  “too solid honey,”and it simply wouldn’t come out right.

…..I settled for a sniff, it was delicious.

Here’s my face today:

4 thoughts on “It’s alive, It’s alive!

  1. You look great! I had the same exact surgery 4 months ago (august 12th), so I totally know that you are going through. I was out and about after 2 weeks! I also have a blog if you want to check it out, I haven’t updated it much lately, but nothing had really changed since my last post 🙂 its

    Happy healing!

    1. Your blog is really fun! You look like you’re doing really really well. Are you back to “normal,” doing things you did before surgery? That’s the part I’m looking most forward to, just being ME again.
      Thanks for the compliment, It is very appreciated!

  2. Hi Ashley.

    It continues to be incredible to me. I am so proud of you for hanging in there and sharing it with us.

    I asked your mom for a before and “to date” photo contrast but she said tha tyou are waiting for the swelling to go down. I would love to see (remember) what you looked like before the surgery.

    My question: why can’t you eat more than liquid? Why not until February?

    Your situation is so very new to me. I really feel like I’m there with you from your blog. You are doing a great job.

    Hugs to you!!


    1. Hi Debra!
      How are you doing?
      I will look into making some sort of “before and after” contrast picture. The only reason I want to wait for the swelling is because I just feel so “not” like me! haha I have yet to look in the mirror and go, oh my goodness is that me!? I look goooooooooooood haha.
      As for your question on liquids: It all comes down to chewing. Apparently the human jaw can exert a force of more then 200 pounds! That kind of force on my new jaw would be very bad for it. Apparently in February it will have healed enough that I can start light chewing. I cannot wait for the soft chew, pasta a l’amatriciana here I come!

      Thanks for following my blog! Hope all is well, xo

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