If you can eat solid, Why are you blending it!?

I just saw a commercial advertising a fancy blender. The only thing I was thinking was “why are these people blending their food when they are very able to eat it solid?”It makes no sense. No really, I stand behind my opinion.

Mom and I went to visit our surgery buddies and we went on a walk on the beautiful beach. It was so nice to breathe fresh air and the hotel was just perfect. I also got to see a dog which was super exciting. I am a believer in the healing effects of all animals 🙂

Here are some pictures from the beach today:

Last night was especially tough as I couldn’t fall asleep. I began feeling congested and then my head started to hurt and it was a never-ending pain story. I finally fell asleep but only got about six hours of sleep. I’m surprised I am still able to function. My congestion is much better and I feel relatively pain-free. I have yet to eat anything though, my hunger is hiding, it likes to do that lately. I think it’ll come down to me forcing myself to eat some tomato soup…with sour cream. Yum, my hunger just came knocking 🙂

Here are pictures of my face today, We decided to use the beautiful background of the  ocean.

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