Today is a day of much improvement, very exciting! I’ll start off with describing the rest of yesterday which involved going to the beach and then doing some shopping downtown. I was running on 6ish hours of sleep yet was able to continue shopping until 7:30. That’s pretty incredible considering just a few days ago I could only do five-minute walks.

Tomorrow is the day, The days of all liquids. This means particles are allowed and my meals will be that much more interesting! Here’s what I plan on eating:


Photo by ex.libris.











Add tiny star pasta to this!


I slept FOURTEEN hours last night, they were wonderful. Mom says she used the light from her cellphone to make sure I was breathing…what a sweetheart. Personally, this is what I picture:

Image from film "Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror!"

and it scares me.

Another step in the right direction, I weighed myself today and have lost a total of 14 starving pounds in 12 days. For those of you who are asking “how did she do this?” I call it the “starvation diet…” quite simple really, it involves not eating.

Disclaimer: I am not recommending this diet. It’s unhealthy. Please don’t sue me.

Now for the best milestone: I am officially on no oxy pain-killer. I took two Tylenol, just for a little bit of discomfort. I’m looking forward to seeing things clearly from now on. Apparently I’ve been talking in my sleep. Mom says one night she looked at me and my leg was stretched out in the air with my hand spread across my face as I smiled to myself. Few nights ago I woke up telling my mom “zoe says hi…..” making things even stranger is my awareness of the fact I do not know a zoe as I kept saying “she says hi..who is Zoe? Who is Zoe?” Oh the things medication will do to you. Last night we went to the store and some lit up christmas decorations were moving, my first thought? “Mom, Do you see those moving reindeer too?”

The swelling on my right side is down today unfortunately the left side is still swollen and I have swelling below my chin. I can see a slight preview of the final results!

Here’s my face!

I have an appoitment with the dr’s tomorrow. Rumor has it that this appointment is a lot of fun ,yay.


8 thoughts on “Milestones

    1. Yay!
      I don’t know if Dr. Gunson has a direct email but I’m doubting it just because of how many patients he has. Everyone always has SO many questions, his inbox would explode 🙂
      I can’t wait to check out your blog!

  1. I tried leaving you a comment and it pooped on it here! Anyhow I was gong to say you are looking better and yay just read about your post with Dr.Gunson, your making progess, slowly but your making it and before you know it you’ll be chomping everything down 🙂

    On a side note does he have an email address or something Im looking to bug him with a few questions…. ps check out my blog i finally started! 🙂

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