No talking for THREE hours!?

Just ate my first bowl of soup with little pasta. Delicious! We couldn’t find little star pastas so we thought cutting up spaghetti would work. unfortunately some pieces were still really long so I was swallowing these large pieces and half choking. After blending it up a little more I was able to eat it more comfortably. I’m looking forward to when I can brush my teeth after eating. Despite the size of the pasta some pieces still get caught on the elastic.

Today has been so packed. I went in for my normal appointment, got to brush me teeth, yay! It wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be, I mean…it’s been two weeks since I brushed them (hot) but I’ve kind of enjoyed it. For example, waking up in the morning, I literally roll out of bed, get dressed, eat and go. Not having to floss at night has saved me what feels like hours every night! My mouth has always felt super clean because A) There are no solids being eaten so nothing in my teeth. B) You rinse with hydrogen peroxide twice a day.

Despite the advantages, it does feel good to brush…I guess 😉

Dr. Gunson came in and took a look around and said the right side of my mouth was closing perfectly but the left side would need some help….I have no idea if that’s what he said but that is what I understood. He put the elastics in this wild design from one side of my mouth to the other and the top of my mouth to the bottom and so on. He said I should really try not to talk while I had these on, which would be for three hours until he would see me again in the afternoon. I could not open my mouth at all, it was quite uncomfortable.

Not being able to talk was horrible. I knew I could try but I was so scared of doing something wrong I just mimed everything. I had to wait until 6pm to eat, and that was my first meal of the day! I am exhausted. Whenever anything is done to my jaw it really takes a toll on the body making it especially tired.

Good news is that Dr. Gunson said everything looked much better when I went back in. It’s amazing how quickly he fixed it! I don’t even know what he did exactly.

Here are my pictures. My swelling is a lot better, I can smile a little more 🙂

I’ll go in for another appointment tomorrow to do the rest of the things I should have done today. I’m going to be learning how to put my own elastics in!




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