Home tomorrow!


I go home tomorrow, yaaaaaaay! I’m so very ready to leave. I love Santa Barbara but I’m ready to have some normalcy. I’ve been forgetting to mention one of the main reasons I had my surgery, my airway! Moving my jaw forward in surgery will allow my airway to be the size it should be.

This is an x-ray of my airway, it is encircled in red. Apparently it should be four times this size…Now it is! With my new airway I won’t have to deal with severe sleep apnea when I’m older which is when it becomes a real problem. Before surgery sleeping was never a big issue except that I would sleep for ten plus hours and still be tired. That’s one of the effects of a small airways according to the doctors. Again, I don’t know the scientific explanation so please excuse the simple terminology.

I changed my elastics today, it took about half an hour. And that’s after I did my exercises for half an hour, a whole hour dedicated to my jaw….exhausting. I can’t believe I have to do that twice more today.

I’m feeling some tingling and little nerve pinches in my chin which means it’s slowly trying to wake up. They’re kind of painful 😦


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