Say “Ahhhhh”

What an action packed day! I spent two hours with Dr. Gunson today as we tweaked  my mouth a little more. My right side was touching more than the left so we were working on getting the left to touch evenly. It’s still all very scientific and I have trouble re-wording it 🙂

As I write this I am doing my jaw exercises. After taking out the elastics I have to open my mouth for a few seconds and then close. For now Dr. Gunson is having me do this three times a day for half an hour because my mouth was not opening as much as he was hoping.

Good news is that I ate some spaghettios today, yum! But had to blend the pasta up more and more each time. It’s been a lot tougher because I  kept thinking that liquids with particles meant little baby pieces of food. In reality it means scientific particles as in tiny miniscule pieces of food. Now whenever I try to go to sleep all I think about is how I will be eating more liquid the next day, it’s a pain in the butt. I get these moments where I just can’t stand the thought of eating liquids…

I lost one more pound today which means I’ve lost a pound for each day since surgery! (Two whole weeks)

Mom was so hungry ( poor thing doesn’t like to eat in front of me) but I told her I didn’t mind. We went to McDonald’s and I decided to try a McFlurry. It was so challenging to eat! Mom said she wolfed her food down because looking at me struggling to eat was too difficult, she felt bad….which made me feel bad.

I went home and set the McFlurry in front of the heater to let it melt more so I could drink it. By far the worst thing for me today was the messy eating. I eat food and get it all over my chin but don’t feel it. My mom will yell at me from across the room “dripping, you’re dripping honey get it, get it hurry!”

I am praying the numbness doesn’t end up being permanent.

This is me so hungry, trying to melt the mcflurry so I can drink. So frustrating!

I got to brush the rest of my teeth, this is me begging the tooth-brush to not hurt me.

Teehee me being so silly.


My swelling is way down today, I am finally looking more like…me!

I’ve got a lot of other things to take care of though, like changing my elastics, practicing opening, taking my joint medication, making sure my skin cleansers don’t give me an allergic reaction etc. Lots to do.

I could not be happier I had my surgery during Christmas break. There is no way I ( or anyone ) could be handling all of this with added stresses.

Here are my updated pictures with a picture of me before surgery!


Sorry about the quality. Keep special attention on my lips and chin. That’s where you can see the difference for now.

and NOW:


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