The Pain.

You would think that the worst of the pain would be over by now. Last night was one of the worst nights by far as I had a horrible headache and overall facial pain. The medicines just weren’t doing the trick ( I think it’s just really important to stay on top of the pain, I fell behind) and with a cold wash cloth on my forehead I tried to sleep. I fell asleep at around 2 am and woke up a few times during the night, today I am exhausted.

I went to Costco and used one of the electric carts, of course my cart showed full battery until running out 20 minutes later. The race to checkout before it ran out so I didn’t have to walk was the most entertainment I’ve had in a couple of days.

People definitely stare at you. I feel like they’re thinking “she doesn’t need that cart, how rude of her”…. Little do they know!

The dizziness is really getting to me, I get up and I just get so lightheaded…I’m hoping this passes soon.

So I’m kind of over doing the daily pictures just because I’m overly lazy ( I won’t even try to make an excuse) but if you would like some updates, let me know. I shall deliver. If I start to notice a change I’ll definitely post them!

Here is the medical stuff now: Are you ready?


On the left is the before picture, my air way is the little black “hole.”  On the right is the after picture. Moving my jaw forward during surgery allowed my airway to be the size it should be.

Here’s a diagram of my jaw before and after.


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