No talking for THREE hours!?

Just ate my first bowl of soup with little pasta. Delicious! We couldn’t find little star pastas so we thought cutting up spaghetti would work. unfortunately some pieces were still really long so I was swallowing these large pieces and half choking. After blending it up a little more I was able to eat it more comfortably. I’m looking forward to when I can brush my teeth after eating. Despite the size of the pasta some pieces still get caught on the elastic.

Today has been so packed. I went in for my normal appointment, got to brush me teeth, yay! It wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be, I mean…it’s been two weeks since I brushed them (hot) but I’ve kind of enjoyed it. For example, waking up in the morning, I literally roll out of bed, get dressed, eat and go. Not having to floss at night has saved me what feels like hours every night! My mouth has always felt super clean because A) There are no solids being eaten so nothing in my teeth. B) You rinse with hydrogen peroxide twice a day.

Despite the advantages, it does feel good to brush…I guess 😉

Dr. Gunson came in and took a look around and said the right side of my mouth was closing perfectly but the left side would need some help….I have no idea if that’s what he said but that is what I understood. He put the elastics in this wild design from one side of my mouth to the other and the top of my mouth to the bottom and so on. He said I should really try not to talk while I had these on, which would be for three hours until he would see me again in the afternoon. I could not open my mouth at all, it was quite uncomfortable.

Not being able to talk was horrible. I knew I could try but I was so scared of doing something wrong I just mimed everything. I had to wait until 6pm to eat, and that was my first meal of the day! I am exhausted. Whenever anything is done to my jaw it really takes a toll on the body making it especially tired.

Good news is that Dr. Gunson said everything looked much better when I went back in. It’s amazing how quickly he fixed it! I don’t even know what he did exactly.

Here are my pictures. My swelling is a lot better, I can smile a little more 🙂

I’ll go in for another appointment tomorrow to do the rest of the things I should have done today. I’m going to be learning how to put my own elastics in!





Today is a day of much improvement, very exciting! I’ll start off with describing the rest of yesterday which involved going to the beach and then doing some shopping downtown. I was running on 6ish hours of sleep yet was able to continue shopping until 7:30. That’s pretty incredible considering just a few days ago I could only do five-minute walks.

Tomorrow is the day, The days of all liquids. This means particles are allowed and my meals will be that much more interesting! Here’s what I plan on eating:


Photo by ex.libris.











Add tiny star pasta to this!


I slept FOURTEEN hours last night, they were wonderful. Mom says she used the light from her cellphone to make sure I was breathing…what a sweetheart. Personally, this is what I picture:

Image from film "Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror!"

and it scares me.

Another step in the right direction, I weighed myself today and have lost a total of 14 starving pounds in 12 days. For those of you who are asking “how did she do this?” I call it the “starvation diet…” quite simple really, it involves not eating.

Disclaimer: I am not recommending this diet. It’s unhealthy. Please don’t sue me.

Now for the best milestone: I am officially on no oxy pain-killer. I took two Tylenol, just for a little bit of discomfort. I’m looking forward to seeing things clearly from now on. Apparently I’ve been talking in my sleep. Mom says one night she looked at me and my leg was stretched out in the air with my hand spread across my face as I smiled to myself. Few nights ago I woke up telling my mom “zoe says hi…..” making things even stranger is my awareness of the fact I do not know a zoe as I kept saying “she says hi..who is Zoe? Who is Zoe?” Oh the things medication will do to you. Last night we went to the store and some lit up christmas decorations were moving, my first thought? “Mom, Do you see those moving reindeer too?”

The swelling on my right side is down today unfortunately the left side is still swollen and I have swelling below my chin. I can see a slight preview of the final results!

Here’s my face!

I have an appoitment with the dr’s tomorrow. Rumor has it that this appointment is a lot of fun ,yay.

If you can eat solid, Why are you blending it!?

I just saw a commercial advertising a fancy blender. The only thing I was thinking was “why are these people blending their food when they are very able to eat it solid?”It makes no sense. No really, I stand behind my opinion.

Mom and I went to visit our surgery buddies and we went on a walk on the beautiful beach. It was so nice to breathe fresh air and the hotel was just perfect. I also got to see a dog which was super exciting. I am a believer in the healing effects of all animals 🙂

Here are some pictures from the beach today:

Last night was especially tough as I couldn’t fall asleep. I began feeling congested and then my head started to hurt and it was a never-ending pain story. I finally fell asleep but only got about six hours of sleep. I’m surprised I am still able to function. My congestion is much better and I feel relatively pain-free. I have yet to eat anything though, my hunger is hiding, it likes to do that lately. I think it’ll come down to me forcing myself to eat some tomato soup…with sour cream. Yum, my hunger just came knocking 🙂

Here are pictures of my face today, We decided to use the beautiful background of the  ocean.

It’s alive, It’s alive!

I think I’ve developed feeling in my left cheek. Very nice, very nice. The area below my mouth and my chin is still very numb, I look forward to the day when someone will ask me if they can light my chin on fire to see if it hurts. The swelling came back a little bit which is always frustrating, especially because it came accompanied with some terrible pain. I don’t have an explanation for the pain but my whole bottom jaw is feeling very tight. It feels exactly how an old door that needs to be greased feels. Like I have rusty parts and I need some desperate oil. I’ve taken two doses of the oxy and a dose of Tylenol and the pain is still strong, I can only imagine what it would feel like without the medicine.

I was staring at my mouth in the mirror today and lightly poked the elastic in the front of my mouth, the one that is connected to the screw below my top lip and the hook below my bottom, and it snapped! I screamed out of fear because it slapped me in the mouth. I called one of the ladies from the office (it’s Saturday, remember) and she said it happens every now and then and that I don’t have to worry about it. I was so surprised I could reach her on a Saturday especially when she happened to be on vacation! What lovely people.

I was looking forward to my walk downtown today but it ended abruptly. I was in pain to start off with but wanted to distract myself. What ended up shortening my outing was pure light-headedness. I don’t remember if this is due to the surgery or if it’s a side effect of the medicine but it’s quite scary. You just feel very weak and vulnerable. The idea of fainting and landing on my face is so terrifying I chose to just call it a day and go home. Mom and I ended up going on a drive a bit later. We wanted to see the real estate on the hills, boy are those roads curvy!

The food cravings are stronger than ever.It’s mostly for pasta, short pasta…preferably a l’amatriciana…anyways, mother is cooking pasta for herself tonight. (I told her it was fine because I wanted to be able to smell it.) My plan was to taste some of the sauce she was putting on it,no harm in that right? It’s liquid. Then I got the brilliant idea of sticking it into the blender but mom felt it would be psychologically damaging considering the pasta was  “too solid honey,”and it simply wouldn’t come out right.

…..I settled for a sniff, it was delicious.

Here’s my face today:

Just like velvet.

Are you wondering why my title is “just like velvet?” Mama just blended up a wonderful cup of lentil soup, definitely the thickest yet. As soon as I began to drink it, my first sentence was “Mmmm goes in just like velvet.” See, when you have only liquids you begin to appreciate a little bit of variety….this much thicker consistency? Very appreciated.

I went “out” to eat today for the first time. Found this cute little place on State Street that had just been featured on the Food Network. They were advertising their clam chowder ( a very popular dish with me lately) and after explaining my situation he was able to blend the “chowda” into a smooth tasty soup. Yum.

I still get very down about not eating pasta. I think about it every minute of the day, sometimes I try to imagine the taste, other times I beg people to describe the pasta they’re eating to me. People think I’m joking but I’m not. I want to know what pasta you ate, how it smells, the texture, the taste, the sauce……I am slowly going bonkers I think 😉

My personal favorite is whenever I walk by a resteraunt and I think to myself “I wonder if they know just how lucky they are to be eating food right now?” This whole experience is opening my eyes to a whole new world.

My swelling continues to go down, yay! I found out I can’t wear any makeup until Tuesday which is interesting, I didn’t think to ask before because honestly I didn’t care. I bet not wearing make up is a huge issue for some people, thankfully my skin has stayed clear, I can’t imagine how much harder this would be if I broke out and couldn’t cover it up. (Knock on wood, or metal if you’re in Italy.)

I had the genius idea this morning, in a moment of desperation I saw a little cup of peanut butter. Mmmm protein at its finest. But how would I get it into my mouth? In comes the syringe….

It took about 15 minutes to set it up……

And squeezing it into my mouth took so long that I lost the excitement and gave up…way too hard.

Here is my face today!

I feel like I’ve been showing the glamorous side of this surgery and only describing the difficult moments in words….I felt this picture really summed up the reality of the situation.

This is me, drinking out of a mug (that’s all I can drink out of) in my pink bathrobe, in front of the TV, on strong pain medication, and with toilet paper stuck up my nose. My right nostril is quite the trouble maker.

Now, if this isn’t attractive I honestly don’t know what is…..

Thursday Night Fever

I had a fever last night (100.3,) very strange for me, I swear the last time I had a fever was in the 4th grade. At my second appointment with the doctors today they said it’s very normal to have a slight little fever. It’s doesn’t feel good at all, One second I’m hot, the next I’m cold, and of course the typical “body ache” is present…that’s probably the worst symptom.

This is me in the waiting room haha, I look so glamorous with my sunglasses. I just put them on so I could take a nap!

Here’s a video of me doing my “mouth” exercises. They take out the elastics and I have to practice opening and closing, and moving side to side. It’s quite the challenge!!

I can’t wait to go on my all liquids diet on Tuesday. I’ve already planned out things I want to eat (spaghettios,grits,) anything I can drink out of a cup is fair game. If anyone has any ideas for liquids, let me know! My body is stuck on the 10 lbs lost in a week, it simply will not budge. Apparently this is my body going into starvation mode. I hope it ends soon…..At least give me the weight loss to be content about right?

As for pain, it hasn’t changed much and the medicines really help. The one thing that is happening more often is this weird tingling, tickle, itch sensation on my left cheek/jaw area. I know it means something is waking up, it just feel so weird! I think it’s going to get worse too, like when my nose starts coming alive. I am so thankful I’m not drooling though, apparently I’m lucky with that. My nose still bleeds, kinda gross but I’m just happy I can feel it coming. The last thing I need is for blood to run down my numb chin and I’ll be walking around with no idea I have blood on my face. So attractive. The bruising is slowly going away and I think the swelling went down too. I’ve gotten to a point where I really don’t care about covering my “square” face, if someone has an issue with it, they can walk the other way. Thank goodness I haven’t had a little child look at me and scream, that was one of my biggest concerns.

This is what I picture:

Photo taken from:

Here are my pics for the day!