Happy New Years!

2012 is here!

I went out with two of my close friends for new years eve, scary but I made it home safe and sound! I am so thankful they came over for the night (this involved getting on a boat to cross a lake mind you, not just a ten minute drive.) I took a protein shake with me and put it in my car incase I got light-headed, thankfully there was no need for it. Getting ready was tiring but fun, my first night wearing a full face of makeup and actually trying to look presentable. After going into the first place, we ended up staying there the whole evening…It was packed. There was nothing more terrifying than walking through the crowd, elbows of highly intoxicated youngsters, drinks in the air, it was an obstacle course. I spent my walks through the bar with my hands in front of my face I was so scared. I even put my phone up to my ear to make it look like I was talking on it….little did they know I was just protecting myself.

The weather was not as cold as past years, thank goodness. I was ready to feel my titanium pieces in my face get cold, apparently that can happen, but I didn’tย feel it. The only thing that bothered me was driving over potholes, definitely a bother to the jaw. And walking alone is still a little bit of a struggle, I like to hold on to an arm for stability….Winter cold means icy pavement….a scary thought for me.

So I’m glad I survived my first night out, exhausting but it felt so good to be around people. It felt bizarre at the same time, I didn’t feel like I looked like myself, or that people were looking at the swelling. One of the weird things was with my ears still blocked from my plane ride the music in the bar was so loud! I couldn’t really hear people and I felt like people couldn’t hear me even though I swear I was yelling. I look forward to being able to go out without getting tired and looking less swollen.

Ah I cannot wait!

As for what people said about my “new” look? My friends said I looked great and still like me, thank goodness.

Here are some pictures of me on New Years, looking a little more presentable ๐Ÿ™‚ I was so exhausted, this is at 3 in the morning when I got home and ate. Mother is so cute she insisted I take pictures…this is two of what I swear was a 15 minute photoshoot haha.











2 thoughts on “Happy New Years!

  1. Lookin good Ashley!
    It’s looking pretty certain that I will have the surgery in February and now I’m back to freaking out. I just moved to Quebec City and am taking a year long French course and now I’m really worried about how much class I will miss and how anti-social I will be after the surgery!
    How puffy do you find your face? Do you feel awkward going out in public? Is it still really obvious you are swollen? When do you think you will feel well enough to ‘go back to your daily life’?

    1. Hi Meredith!
      Thank you for the compliment:) Don’t freak out. Remember why you’re doing this surgery, I don’t know your specific reason but one of the reasons is probably:
      A) I’m in pain.
      B) I can’t eat normal food because my mouth won’t open.
      C) I can’t breathe properly.
      D) Other
      I won’t lie and say I’m not overjoyed to have been on break after surgery. Having to go to class swollen and in pain would be a challenge for anyone! The plus side is that people pity you and since they can’t give you cookies they give you sympathy, which is always great…and won’t make you gain weight! I think you’ll probably need to miss at least three weeks of class. This is because of the pain, and the medication will cause you to get overly tired. I hope this is going to be possible (to miss class) otherwise you could maybe look into other options,obviously that’s easier said, then done. I can just say that the first week is very hazy, I don’t remember a lot of things,so trying to do the course online would be just as much of a challenge.
      Now, to answer the rest of your questions-
      My swelling was a lot better than most peoples. I don’t know who to thank for this, I took my medicines exactly as directed, slept a lot….and in the proper positions…and drank a lot of water. These could have played into it. I also walked when I felt that I could. A lot of people are told to walk for five minutes maximum a day…sometimes I would say “I can do more” and I did it. Never pushing myself but doing what was comfortable. I think after 3 1/2 weeks is when I finally looked in the mirror and thought, “ah okay, today I look more normal” even though a lot of people told me I looked normal before that.
      At first going out was weird, just because of the tape I had across my face…otherwise people would think you got your wisdom teeth out. Or, unforunutly they could think you were in a bad car accident, if the bruising is bad. I dont know if I would call it awkward but more uncomfortable…you know people want to ask what happened, but people are feeling bad for you…they aren’t going to laugh at you. I can say that ordering food is awkward, I won’t lie, just because you basically have to say “Which of your soups has no pieces in it? Could you blend it? Sorry to bother, I just had jaw surgery and I can’t chew for a few months…” Everyone is super understanding, and let’s just say you might get some free soup out of it ๐Ÿ˜‰ No promises though.
      It wasnt obvious to most people, that I was swollen after probably about a week 1/2.
      I feel like I can basically go back to normal life now, at 30 days. I wouldn’t dance on the couch like I usually do just yet but I can drive, I can go shopping, I can get dressed and put makeup on…the only difference is you get tired more quickly.If I had to estimate when the first day of almost normal daily life or at least what “appeared” to be normal daily life was probably after two and a half weeks. Still really tired, but most people wouldn’t guess there was anything out of the ordinary with me.

      I hope this helped.I know how scary it may all seem too, but I’ve decided to be as honest as I can be just because being prepared helped me soooooo much.I knew what to expect, I knew what to look out for, and seeing that certain things didn’t happen to me (unlike other blogs I saw) made me feel lucky in times when I felt like the most unlucky person ๐Ÿ™‚

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