The cat food looks so good…..

Due to my lower lip being numb, I didn’t realise this what happening:

It looks like I know it’s happening, I realise…but, I have NO feeling in my bottom lip. You should watch me try to eat ice cream…it’s pathetic.
So Bailey the dog got to first base…

I survived jaw surgery…I can survive dog kisses.

& on the topic of animals, my title refers to a moment of hunger I had at dinner. The smell of cat food has become surprisingly appetizing to me, and it is blendable. It’s nice to have options in moments of such desperation…

Hope you all had a wonderful first week of 2012. I did a whole lot of nothing, it involved me not leaving the house, watching tv shows, and ordering smoothies from the beauty that is Boloco! (Nutella smoothie with added bananas, can I get a yeaaaa?)
Today I had my second appointment with the orthodontist, Dr Chira and a special visitor from NYC, Dr.Mac who has been part of my superstar team since the beginning. They were both so happy at how much my swelling went down and started complimenting me, it was nauseating! Nah just kidding, I loved it 🙂

I can open my mouth 15mm now, a big improvement and I am now on track with expectations. At my first appointment my opening wasn’t cutting it, so I amped up my competitiveness and ta-dah,  15 mm! Dr. Mac made some adjustments to my teeth that didn’t feel like a big deal but apparently it was a huge adjustment. Something about me being able to open wide enough that they could now do what they needed to do.

Fascinating how I walked into the office with a couple of issues with my movement and after 3 minutes of working on a couple of teeth, the issues were fixed.

Usually Dr. Gunson likes his patients to go back to him after  8 weeks, just to make sure everything is going okay. We weren’t sure if I would need to do this since I was really doing okay but after some thought, the doctors decided going back would be helpful in the end. Oh well, this means I’ll have to leave the grey and snow for the warm weather of California, how horrible..not. I already booked my ticket!

Apart from my swelling going down, I have reached a plateau with my weight loss. (20 pounds) I continue to eat my soups and even had some french onion soup tonight, it was yummy. I don’t need any medicine for pain, including Tylenol and the only discomfort is when I’m doing my exercises and my jaw seems to be saying “ugh, Can’t you see I’m trying to rest? Rude.”

So here are my pictures!

Just a reminder that if anyone has questions, comment, I’ll respond right away!


4 thoughts on “The cat food looks so good…..

  1. Hi Ashley,

    So happy to hear that your healing well and your feeling better day by day!!!! WOW you are loosing weight fast, are you able to do high calorie smoothies with like avocado, nutella, bananas,mangos ect- when will you be able to eat… ? This reminds me to go into surgery wih a bit more meat on my bones so if I lose 15-20 I wont be in trouble… Are you feeling okay with the massive weight loss, are you happy? I also noticed you hopped on the fb group for jaw surgery so I hope its been cool to connect with some other surgery peeps… Anyways let me know how everything is coming along, and I’d stay away from the cat food woman, lol I cant imagine that being great for your digestive system.
    Feel BETTER!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Suzy!!!
      I am losing weight veryyyyyy quickly! I can do high calorie smoothies, it’s just that my taste buds are especially picky. I can have soft chew on Feb.1st, pasta,pancakes,and eggs…definetly excited for that. Anything else will be in April! I gained about ten pounds before surgery, if your small I would reccomend gaining weight for sure! Ten pounds is the maximum you should do, the doctors kind of hinted at the fact that you dont want to gain a HUGE amount, but a healthy 5/10 poounds is smart.
      I am still getting used to the weight loss haha.Everyone keeps telling me I look great so that’s nice. But honestly, I wonder how long I can keep it off….
      Otherwise,thanks for checking up on me again, I appreciate it! And don’t worry, by the time I get the cat food to the blender I’d realize I’ve gone way too far 🙂

  2. You’re looking great! I googled to find pics of other patient’s of Gunson/Arnett and your blog popped up. I’m actually having surery with Dr. Gunson in about of year.

    I’m curios though why did you have the jaw surgery? Your initial post alluded to TMJ but I wasn’t sure. And did your insurance cover your surgery cost?

    1. Hi, thank you!
      I had the jaw surgery because I was in pain all the time. Clicking, popping…not being able to open my mouth wide enough, and also getting terrible headaches.It was tmj but worse, involving the placement of the jaw and my airway and all this other complicated stuff!
      The insurace company told us they would cover the surgery….now we’re just waiting to find out if that was true! Wish me lots of luck*


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