Sleep Cravings

I still have to sleep on my back and I can’t stand it anymore!! I’m a stomach sleeper, I enjoy putting the covers over my whole head…sometimes you can’t even tell I’m even in the bed. It’s bliss.

Personally, I think I sleep  (literally) like a baby in the womb but people say that’s really weird. I don’t care, I miss it too much. And as the email I sent the Gunson last  night said, my “weak,skinny body craves to be on its stomach.” I actually sent an email begging that I be allowed to sleep on my side.


4 thoughts on “Sleep Cravings

  1. It looks like she lost weight and/or got lipo and chin augmentation. Using the jaw surgery excuse is lame of her but not surprising since she’s a “celebrity”.

    Also amusing how Dr. Colen says overbite or underbite, as if the two are easily mixed up. Clearly her bite is Class I/II.

  2. She did have braces. Braces push the jaws back in the face and Orthodontists should not extract teeth and push them back, it causes severe damage to the jaws and interferes with
    proper breathing. Jaw surgery has to be done after braces to correct the damage so many orthodontist do to people with overbites. That’s why people need to be careful about how their teeth and bites are fixed, braces can do more harm then good.

    1. Thanks Hallie,
      I’m always happy to get feedback on my blog.
      What I meant by Ms. Palin not having braces was that she did not have to have them during her surgery. Any doctor will tell you that during jaw surgery, it is critical that the individual have braces on. Some people are luckier and don’t have to have them for as long.

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