Jaw Surgery, and how it relates to zombies.

I arrived late to my first class today! I left half an hour early to cross campus and make it on time, stopping to get coffee. I only realised once I got my coffee that I in fact, could not just grab a bite to eat. I looked around….bagels,cereal,fruit,toast. Oh no, what am I going to eat? I left for class without any food in me, I swear that’s  lesson number one of the first day of school, eat breakfast!!!

It was five minutes to eleven and I was trudging my way over the ice covered ground. For the average individual, icy ground is never fun. For someone who’s just had surgery? It’s terrifying, a death trap in my opinion! I asked a friend to help me walk because having that extra bit of support is just so helpful, I figure Im less apt to fall that way, and if I do fall I might land on my friend thus cushioning the impact. Just kidding…not really.

For those of you awaiting surgery. If you live in a cold place BE WARNED.

The cold was painful on my face. Especially the titanium pieces next to my nose, probably because it’s so close to my skin. It feels like you’re getting slapped in the face, more like one constant slap. The whole time I’m asking myself “Why? What did I do!?”

In my first class we spoke about our first text, a book about International Relations and Zombies. Ironically, I could relate…

I was tired,hungry,and…well,let’s just say the way I walk could be misconstrued.






———–> The individual on the right would be me….





Focusing on class was difficult as I kept wondering what would happen with my participation grade? Having my jaw still banded shut makes it a little challenging to talk and I was already late to the class. Argh, not starting off well. Luckily, I spoke to the professor after class who was understanding, thank goodness. Good news is that I should only have to have my jaw banded shut during the day for about two more weeks, then I’m free to open my mouth all I want. Yay!

I had a space of one hour in between my class and a meeting with a professor but was so terrified of going out onto the campus wide ice rink that I just sat around. Thank goodness there’s an elevator as I told a professor of mine “i dont think I would make it to class otherwise.”

By the time I got home I was exhausted and force-fed myself some apple sauce. This was nowhere near enough food and the rest of the day is kind of hazy. It was so overwhelming, physically and mentally as each step I took I was terrified of slipping, and mentally, I was trying so hard to focus. One of the most challenging parts was how much I was moving, I wasn’t lying in bed resting anymore.

This is my last semester of college and I cannot let my jaw stop me from doing well.

I understand why people take semesters off and why Dr. Gunsons office forbid me from taking Ballet I. Every day is still just so exhausting. Tomorrow I have two classes and I just hope I won’t get overtired.

As for people’s reactions to my face, they were all lovely. I didn’t see half as many people as I usually do and once I was in my house I didn’t leave except to go to the store. Basically, I’m a hermit now. Who knows what this weekend will bring? The first weekend of my last semester in college? I can only imagine….No, not what you’re thinking.

I’ll probably spend my day in bed watching TV (sans my cat, breaks my heart to think about it) followed by a trip downstairs to blend some dinner and then retreat to my room too exhausted to go out. Sounds exciting huh!?

I wish I could say more positive things about my first day. I can say that everyone was nice. Friends helped me walk and my roommate even forced me to eat something healthy, and professors were all understanding and very accommodating.

On the more negative side, I’m just so tired. I’m already in my pj’s ready to go to sleep…..Well, here’s to tomorrow.


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