My First Day of School

Brrrrrrr, it is SO cold outside. Every time I step outside the skin on my body screams “what is this!? Ew, the sheer terror!” The metal in my face starts to feel chilly and obviously I start getting worried. Just the idea of having the metal feel super cold creeps me out. It’s already tough with wind blowing on my face, cold wind? No thank you.
I live only 15 minutes from campus but I thought it would be a smart idea to “move back in” over two days. I brought some stuff over yesterday and today brought over the rest of it. My awesome mom and friend helped me with the suitcase, I just couldn’t do it myself.


No really, I’m noticing more how little strength I have. I was going to the gym and doing yoga at least three times a week before surgery and now I have to wrestle with a jar to open it. Anytime I have to move something it’s a challenge I sometimes can’t complete.

On another note, once I put my stuff in the car I drove off. Quite sad really. I’ve gotten so used to being a hermit in my house/bed that moving back to school was making me nervous. As soon as I drove away my car started making the strangest noises. I tried to open the windows to hear it better but…my windows were frozen shut! After about 5 minutes I drove into a gas station to check out my car, something was very wrong with it.That’s when I saw an elderly man waving at me in my mirror. “You’ve bust your tire” he said.

Oh no.

Indeed my tire was completely flat…so flat it bent the inner metal area.

So in the end,mom came to get me and we left the car parked there. We’ll handle it tomorrow.We decided to go to Panera and had some delicious soup yum.Mom’s awesome, my lack of strength means more work for her, but she’s a real sport.

For now,Im in my dorm room trying to figure out how the heck I’m going to sleep on my back….I just want to lay on my stomach. I’ve got the first day jitters! And with my new face,that makes things even more nerve-racking. I have a theory that if anyone says they don’t like it…I’m going to cry.

After having so much done to my face, I just wouldn’t be able to handle someone being mean to it.

Ah well, I sense a wave of fatigue so I’m going to take advantage and trying to get some rest. Goodnight all 🙂


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