Snow snow snow…No no nooooo!

Happy winter everyone!

I walked into the kitchen today and a deliciousness was afloat in the midst. Yes, it is the pictured above. Two of my room mates made it and obviously, told me about all the possible ways I would be able to eat.

“You can just put a piece in and let it melt!”

Peppermint isn’t really my thing but it looked so handsome that I decided to try a tiny  thin tasty flake of it. It obviously melted right away but the taste was great. Even for someone who doesn’t love peppermint!

So for all of you who are wondering how my two nights of “sleeping on my side” have gone? AMAZING. I fall asleep in less than five minutes and sleep so well. No more waking up and wanting to sob because I can’t stand being on my back anymore! Strangely enough I wake up earlier then my alarm, a rarity….I don’t have an explanation for this.

I am still in the process of obtaining my “disabled parking permit” and am no longer feeling large amounts of guilt. If you could understand what is outside right now. All I need is a yellow ball gown, a pair of ice skates, and ta-dah…I am Belle from Beauty and the Beast on ice.
I have to admit sitting on my couch eating peanut butter while watching people attempt to cross the ice field has become a popular hobby of mine.

Here are some pictures I took of the front and back of my house. These are also proof for those that are doubting the accurate-ness (yes, I just invented a word.) of my claims:

Item. 1: Here I present the field outside my house, yes there is usually grass there. The light you see in the far distance are where my classes are. Deciding to cross this ice field is a choice I choose not to make but….can you blame me!?
Oh. And don’t let that dry-looking path fool you! Patches of ice hide in blind spots, the path has the added downside of being highly visible to neighbors. A fall in this location would cause deep embarrassment and eternal mocking.








Item.2: Presented here is the back of my house. As you can see, to get to one’s car you must risk a dangerous fall. I take this risk about 4 times a day. It’s awesome……….












Item.3 Presented here is one more picture.








It snowed tonight, this means you never know when your walking on patches of ice. With every step, I question “is this going to be one that lands me in the hospital?”

Apart from trying to gain pity for the weather, I am doing relatively well. I still get tired easily and school work is piling up, yay. On an other note, I have been biting my own tongue today, and no I don’t mean that in the literary sense. I mean I’m actually biting my own tongue, without meaning to. Picturing myself as I sit in class suddenly jerking and then saying”Ouch, I just bit my tongue by accident again” does put a smile on my face though 🙂


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