Ashley Goes to LA ~~~~>

As I mentioned before I have not updated in waaaay to long. Major no-no. I just returned from Los Angeles this morning. The flight was great, what a difference from last time! Then again, I was on antihistamines (more on that in a bit.)

To update you all, a lot of Gunson/Arnett patients return to S.Barbara at about the 8 week mark for a post-op check up. It’s a chance for them to make sure you’re staying on track with recovery. Lucky for me Dr. Mac and Dr.Chira were both going to be there too as there was a conference on that week.

Here’s a picture of the team looking at my mouth, I felt so VIP 😉 Very cool.








This is Dr.Mac in the jacket.Dr.Gunson is on the right.








From the left: Dr.Chira, my orthodontist and the lady who first told me I needed to have jaw surgery! Kim is in the background, she’s like a personal assistant who knows the answers to everything. Dr.Mac and Dr.Gunson are working on me!

Everything with my jaw is good. I wasn’t ready for soft chew quite yet, one more week said Gunson. He tested this by putting a stick into my mouth and asking me to bite lightly. The right side didn’t budge while the left was still slightly wobbly and therefore needed a few days.

While I was there I mentioned that my ear was still blocked from Dec.24 when I flew home. I could not hear out of my right ear! Gunson, who is also a real doctor ( as in, he did everything before specializing) looked in my ear and said I had “pockets” or things that were causing my ears to block because of swelling. The next part is when it got scary. After making a phone call to an ENT Gunson returned to the room and informed me I needed to see an ENT right away and I couldn’t fly home Sunday if it wasnt fixed. Apparently if this “pocket” was to erupt during flight I would lose hearing in my right ear. Scary right?

The rest of the day was horrible as I was so stressed and scared. I refused to miss school and even considered driving across America. Too bad it would  take us 5 days! After we found out the ENT could not see me that day we stayed the night and drove back to LA the next day. That’s when the calls started coming in….everyone from Gunson to Dr. Chira and finally even Dr. Arnett! My ear had become a huge issue and no ENT doctors could see me. As a senior I was refusing to stay until my ear was fixed, I couldn’t risk my grades. Gunson put me on steroids, nasal sprays, and all sorts of other fun stuff with specific instructions on how to take them.

In the end, Dr. Arnett called me and said that after much discussion they had a plan to get me on the flight safely, ear intact. Taking an antihistamine and Afrin nose spray I was told to chew gum when going up and when going down during flight. Here I am now, still not hearing, but theres no pain and that’s great news! Just have to see an ENT asap to get it resolved!

While I was at Gunsons I was able to have my screws removed, soooo fun! They put some numbing stuff and after a few minutes he literally used a screw driver. No pain, kind of weird, but very cool to see. I had a video but it disappeared 😦 Anyways that’s it for jaw updates. My soft chew diet starts Wednesday and Im not as excited haha, I am very prepared for it to be difficult at first!
Getting into the sun and out of the cold was so nice, it was the necessary break I needed after what is the toughest recovery!

Here’s a picture of my team: Aren’t they just a good lookin’ group?

I can’t wait to smile haha.


2 thoughts on “Ashley Goes to LA ~~~~>

  1. Hi Ashley!

    Nice blog! I had surgery with Dr. Arnett on November 17th, just before yours. Aren’t they an amazing team there? My husband and I were blown away by how awesome they were. They definitely make you feel like you’re the only patient they have!

    You can check out my blog at if you like.

    I went to Dr. Arnett because I had two failed jaw surgeries in Canada in 2008. Long story!

    Quick question… How big can you open at this time? I am 12 weeks post op this week and I’m still not doing well… 25 mm maybe… I am afraid I am really behind… 😦

    I am going back for my next post op appointment at the end of March. So excited to be in Santa Barbara again. Especially since I will be able to chew a little bit!

    Take care 🙂

    1. Hi Holly!
      I can’t imagine having to go through two failed jaw surgeries, I’m sorry! Thank God you finally found Gunson/Arnett right?
      I am able to open to about 30mm now, Im not sure, Im so into academics I don’t even know how many weeks its been since my surgery! I wouldnt worry about being behind. Until someone from Gunsons office tells you that you need to worry, you’re probably fine.
      Im so jealous you’ll get to be in California, thats SO exciting. Im going to Aruba in March and I can’t wait 🙂

      Good luck!

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