So. Busy. ……When is graduation?

When will I graduate!? I am so packed with work, I have no excuse for not writing lately but…..I’M JUST SO PACKED WITH WORK.

So this is my second week on soft chew and it’s been magical. I am back to eating pasta and had sushi tonight. Mind you, this is sushi without the seaweed because that’s a no no. I would have to say that the food I notice the most that I can’t eat is potato chips, nuts, and hamburgers. For some reason those things are just in my face lately and I’m not permitted to have any of them. Its better than eating only liquid though so I shouldn’t complain.

I am still keeping those 20 pounds that I lost off, It’s been a struggle! I’m going to Aruba for spring break and let’s just say, the good things that have come out of the liquid diet (aka the weight loss) need to stick around for a just a wee bit longer. I’m back to going to the gym and my energy is back to normal now, it feels great. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do weights yet because of the clenching but I’m sure its written in my booklet. If any of you know, respond to me!?

 (Me and my friend, clashing shirt patterns…I know)

So. The parents are in India and I dont have anyone to take my mug shot but, I have lots of pictures of me with my natural habitat. Im still keeping my mouth closed because my bottom lip is still numb and I think its causing my smile to look slightly unbalanced. I’ve gotten a bit more feeling in my bottom lip and chin so that’s exciting, hopefully I will get it all back. Fingers crossed!

I do my jaw exercises three times a day for twenty minutes, take my medicines, and I’m wearing my elastics at night. I have to wear one in the back for a little bit more time because the left side of my bite isn’t closing as well….I think. It’s all very scientific and I honestly don’t understand a lot of the things the doctors say hehe, its gibberish to me.

(Me and my room-mate!)

Can we just talk about how whenever I see a group of highschool girls I automatically want to be their friend because I know they probably have braces too? It’s a new thing I do. Oh, and showing people my ID when I’m trying to get into a bar? Fabulous. I’ve gotten some stares because I look kind of different and one gentleman decided to ask me to “smile.”  Yeah, that’s not going to help me look anymore like my license sir.

So, these are my updates, I am more than happy to answer any questions. I apologize once more for the lack of writing I’m doing, I just want to graduate.

(A group of us 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog everyone! And rest in peace Whitney, what a tragic loss 😦


6 thoughts on “So. Busy. ……When is graduation?

  1. Hi Ashley,

    After a couple years of struggle with insurance companies, I’ve finally been approved to have jaw surgery with Dr. Gunson and Arnett. I saw them for a consult in 2009. I have slight asymmetry, TMD, and a small airway. I read through your entire blog and it really helped with my decision and made me a little more comfortable about the whole process. I left you a message on facebook a while back but didn’t hear back from you. I’d love you ask some more questions about your experience with Dr. Gunson if you don’t mind.

    1. Yes of course!
      I’m so sorry I never answered your question!!! I don’t know what could have happened? Anways, yes feel free to send me a message on facebook or here. I’m happy you are finally approved for the surgery AND that my blog helped with the decision.


  2. hey ashley!
    you’re looking gorgeous! i am having my surgery on monday ahhhhh!!!! i am nervous but kind of feeling ready. i had my pre op today and my surgeon is really awesome (he’s the best in toronto and the surrounding area – people come from all over ontario for him!) and was really reassuring. i was wondering though why it took you so long to go to soft foods? my guy was saying that i should be on soft foods after 4 weeks. any last words of advice? i will keep you posted on how things go!
    xoxoxo meredith

    1. Hi Meredith!
      Thank you for all the compliments, they mean a lot. I’m so stressed today and your words are what I needed….
      You must be SO excited, I know exactly what you’re going through. YES its going to be challenging but its so worth it, by the time you’re eating soft foods you feel mostly back to normal. And the month before that everyone just treats you extra nicely haha. Like a baby or…a lamb or something lol. It’s weird but you’ll see for yourself next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      As to why I had to wait so long? My surgeons do it like that for all their patients…some even have to wait longer! I think its a precautionary thing.
      Last words of advice? BLISTEX 🙂 Your going to want it and probably more then one tube. Don’t go crazy with purchasing lots of liquids just yet because after my surgery I didnt even want to TOUCH a lot of the stuff we’d gotten…for no reason either. My stomach didnt want to have it. I reccomend getting a couple of things because your not supposed to be “left alone” at home so whoever is taking care of you wont be able to go out and get stuff for at least two days. If you have more then one individual taking care of you? You’re set. I say get some broth and then see what you want. ( I didnt want ANYTHING sweet for example. And certain soups? Couldnt stand them. What a waste right? I know, I still feel bad)
      Other words of advice…..get your set up in your room ready. Pillows,TV everything. And even have a set up in another room if you want because its nice to change atmosphere occasionally.
      I also reccomend going back to my posts on taking medication at night. It made a world of difference. Ive noticed people who say they didnt have terrible pain at night followed the system, those who did have pain usually waited until they woke up and THEN they would take their meds. ( The date of the post is around Dec.9th probably..)

      I hope this helps, let me know if you need anymore information of any sort! Isn’t it comforting to know your doc is the best in the area!??
      BE EXCITED!!!!!!!
      Huge hugs.

  3. thanks ashley! want to add me on facebook? i searched your name but there were too many results! you can search meredith barrett, or sweetmere. i think i’m gonna start a blog tomorrow!
    and yeah, at this point, i think i am excited! just to get it done with and start on my road to recover, yeah!

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