Just got back from dinner and man, it is difficult knowing what’s soft chew! One of the things on our list of “okay soft chew foods” are french fries, So that’s what I ordered. French fries.

When they got there I noticed they looked especially crunchy and upon eating one realised these were a lot tougher then I had expected. “What do I do?” I start thinking. “I cant send them back and ask for less crunchy fries, thats crazy!”

So I continue to eat them. And now here I am, worrying I’ve fractured my jaw and will need to have the surgery AGAIN and this time, they’re going to have to take a piece of my hip bone as a graft, yikes. Anyone else have this experience? Eating something that you’re not sure was okay?

Mind you, this has happened before. I microwaved some delicious pasta and the micrwave must have made it harder. By the time I chewed on it, I was a hungry hippo and ate the whole thing. It was mama’s pasta and I couldn’t stop myself!

Here’s the frantic email I sent Dr Gunsons office five minutes after indulging:

Hi Kim,

I made the mistake today of heating up some pasta from yesterday. Didn’t realize that

microwaving the pasta would make it a lot harder. It was so good I ate most of it but left a few pieces that looked specially tougher.

It won’t happen again but it’s not like I’ve done some terrible damage to my jaw right? It feels okay… But I’m doubting myself thinking I chewed something too hard, will need surgery again, and you’re going to have to take a hip graft from me!!

Reassure me?


PS I will never eat pasta from a microwave!


Her response:


It is fine.  You can’t do damage by eating microwave pasta, I promise!!  No more surgery for you and no hip. 

You’re so funny.  Have a great day.

Stay away from the microwave. J



Isn’t Kim the best? I know Im being overly worried but my jaw is soar now and Im really worrying that I fractured it or something? Then again, isnt a fracture a broken bone-like situation? Wouldnt I be in excruciating angst?

Good side of this sad story is that:

A) I know not to microwave pasta.

B) I know to stay away from crunchy fries.





2 thoughts on “Eating

  1. Hey Ashley,

    You crossed my mind today and its funny you just posted. HAHAHAHAHA pasta, as long as you didnt hear any cracking or snapping I’d imagine your fine. Is Kim another treatment coordinator?

    Oh french fries sound yummy, I hope you enjoyed yourself somewhat since they’re supposed to be a guilty pleasure food of sorts 🙂

    I was meaning to ask you how you’ve been doing lately with numbness, or struggles eating? I spoke with Dr.Gunson this week the man probably thinks Im insane for having more questions than the average person, but what can I do… I have no control over the slicing and dicing of my jaw, and I just want to go in informed with as much info (what I can control) ! I am leaning strongly towards having my surgery with Dr.Gunson as everyone is singing the highest praises for him- how can that not affect your decision?

    Anyways from your last post you look awesome, keep smiling lovely lady

    1. Hey Suzie!
      First of all don’t worry about asking GUnson lots of questions because believe me he’s used to it 🙂 As for the numbness, its starting to diminish I think. Its always very little by little so I don’t notice it right away but today I eating something and I FELT it run down my chin haha. It was a great moment.
      As for eating struggles? Not really much there! Apart from the occasional wondering of wether I ate something I shouldnt have its been great, I feel so much better now that I have food in me.

      Thanks for the compliments Suzie, you are so kind!

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