Who wants to hear the BEST excuse ever?

I have disappointed my followers and I apologize. I should be updating you all. On a better note, I’m about to provide you with some great excuses for my lack of blog writing. Are you ready?

Being a senior in my last semester in College I am plagued by the “Final Senior Project.”

“What is this?” You ask.

“Perhaps a ten page paper? Maybe its a grant proposal? Oh I remember the days when I had to write those 20 page papers. What a pain right? Hahahahaha”


My senior project involves writing a book. Yes, a book….like the ones in waiting rooms which BY THE WAY considering Dr.Chira, Dr,Mac, AND Dr, Gunson and Arnett have waiting rooms, they can all expect a copy of my book. Im sure the patients will enjoy reading about prisons, I know I do.

Anywho’s my book has been my life these past weeks. And yes I know its been more than just weeks since I’ve written but I have other stuff to do people. Dont guilt me. (I already feel really guilty 😦

So for some entertainment I thought I would provide you all with an email I sent Kim (Dr.Gunsons assistant/my personal knows-the-answers-to-everything person.

Hi Kim,

How is everything over there? Over here I’m as stressed as can be. I’m working on my final senior project, a 120 page book. I get home from working at about 4 am in the morning followed by a morning class that I drink what I would feel are illegal amounts of coffee to stay awake through the class.

It’s breaking me down slowly but I shall not allow it to hinder my life!

Just had my first anxiety attack in a while. It involved me leaving the library as fast as possible, racing to my car, skipping stop signs and almost hitting curves. This was followed by my immediate reaction to….jump into the shower? Brushing her teeth, my roommate just kind of stared as I ran past her STILL dressed and just said “ANXIETY, MUST TAKE A SHOWER.”

Anyway’s, apart from me being stressed and erratic I have a few inquiries for you.

Am I still doing 20 minutes of jaw exercises three times per day? Because frankly finding the time to do the exercises is a HUGE struggle. I understand if its required and you know me, always followin’ the rules!

That’s my only question for now 🙂 You can tell Dr.G I am giddy with the thought of being able to see him in May! (yay) Perhaps you could come to!? I mean I AM graduating like, a week after! Break out the wine, woo hoooo. (Just kidding 😉

Thank you for your expert advice xoxo