It has once again been far too long since I’ve written. As a senior in college my days consist of work, work, and more work following by weekends of catching up on sleep, catching up on work, and more catching up with friends. Basically, I’ve been super busy but for those of you who may not remember, I have in fact written a book titled “Minimum Wage, Maximum Sentence” available here:

As for my jaw, its feeling dandy! I am still doing my jaw exercises and have narrowed the time when I drive to when I do them. Its unfortunate when a good song comes on and I can’t sing a long but the jaw exercises are far more important. I have followed EVERY single rule so far in hopes of getting the braces removed before graduation which is on May 14th. I know, that’s pushing it but….I love to dream, and you should too.

My swelling has gone down to a level where you would never guess I had my jaw cracked open and repositioned which is an added plus. As for eating, ah eating. I can do all foods but should still stay away from really hard foods like nuts etc. Fine with me. There is no way I feel ready to crunch down on anything just yet. The temperatures are rising so no more pain caused by the titanium in my face. Oh and speaking of titanium, has anyone heard this song lately?

It’s written for jaw surgery patients, and goes a little something like this

” I am titanium. You shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium.”

That’s right my fellow followers, we are titanium. Or we have titanium all up in our face but what’s the difference right?

Anywhos, I have been going to see Dr.Chira about once a week still and she adjusts my bite by making the tiniest changes that make a world of difference. I’m wearing my elastics at night which is in no way annoying, thank goodness. I would say the worst thing going on with my jaw is the braces but hey, I’m almost at the finish line and I can’t wait. I’m planning on making a shirt that says “I just got my braces off” and wearing it around for the day.

One thing I have noticed is that I still cant really whistle which I think is caused by the shape of my mouth which in many ways is “new.” I’m having to restrain myself. How fun is that!? I used to whistle all the time walking around and now I just kind of breathe with a slight hint of a whistle, its pathetic but I consider it my practice time.

This Saturday is huge! Dr.Gunson, Mac, and Dr.Chira are all going to be here and I am going to see them and guess what!? I find out when the braces are coming off so I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. Although I have to admit that I dont know what I would do if Gunson looked at my teeth and went “yep, another six months.” No really, I just don’t think I could handle it.

I am currently looking for employment (hint hint) to all you readers out there. I keep having this image in my head that once the braces are off I can finally start my life over and feel 100 percent back to normal which is completely silly because, come on….they’re just on my teeth. But theyve become part of me and I have to admit my worst fear is being remembered as “that girl who had braces.” That’s why I try to act strange in public so people will remember me as the weird girl instead. I prefer that one a lot more.

So here are a few pictures of me taken last weekend.

I shall update soon, and Im considering starting a blog about being straight out of college. To my disappointment (not) I cant write about my jaw forever right? But of course, questions are ALWAYS welcome anytime.




4 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Ashleyyyyyyyy!!! You look awesome !!! I tried posting on your last post asking you how everything was going and here you go updating.

    Girl you are AT the finish line a few more steps and you’ll be done. It looks like your living life and everything is well with you.
    I think Im going to move fwd with Dr.Gunson, even though I have a few issues still about movement (not sure whats the best way to approach him about it). For me less is more, I still want to look like me, ugh stupid face issues.

    Anyways hit me back when you have a few minutes!


    1. Suzieeeeeeee!
      Lovely to hear from you! I’m happy to hear that you’re going to move forward with Gunson. Great decision! As for your face changing,I wouldnt worry too much.Gunson understands when people dont want to look “not like themselves.” Just talk to him about it, and remember that whatever the results are,you will look good.It will be a slight improvement if anything at all.


  2. Hi! I was wondering if you were able to regain your old whistling abilities? I’m considering upper jaw surgery, but am really worried about losing my whistling! I know it’s silly, but I love whistling! Can you whistle now? If so, how long did it take you to relearn? And is your whistle as good as before? Thank you!!

    1. Hi there!
      I love this question! YES, whistling is all good. Nothing changed! I think I had to wait a few months to be confident enough to whistle 🙂 everyone’s jaw is different tho so make sure to ask!

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