I have officially graduated from college. Sad but happy. Confident but terrified. I could go on and on with descriptions of my emotions….

I have done incredibly well this semester ending with a 3.6 GPA. Don’t get too excited though, this is only for this semester. Before my jaw surgery I had a lot of trouble staying awake due to my airway being so constricted. Imagine sleeping for 12 hours and feeling like you slept for 5 hours. If I didn’t get more than 8 hours of sleep every night, I couldn’t function. This is further proof of how really incredible this surgery has been. I only wish I had gotten it earlier so I could have had a better overall GPA! Oh well, It’s a confidence boost to know that I did so well even after not being able to eat solid foods for a month and then only being able to eat soft chew food. And of course, going to California for post op appointments. Time consuming is a good way to describe this whole process!

Here are some pictures of me at graduation:
Mom and I:

Image Dad and I


My room mate!Image

Tomorrow is the big day when I get these braces taken off but WAIT, again, don’t get too excited because I have to get new ones put on and this time I don’t get the ceramic ones. I havent been told when I get the braces taken off all together but it should be less than a year. Until then, my life can’t really get started. I feel like once I am all healed from the surgery I can really go back to being normal.


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