Ashleys Jaw Goes to India!

Hi everyone!
It has been so long since I’ve written, I should be ashamed. I don’t have a good excuse except that things with my jaw have been pretty “average.” Thank you to all the people who still write to me, I am always so happy to answer all you questions and comments!
It has been 8 months since my surgery (to the day!) and my jaw feels great. I get some discomfort occasionally that is related to stress and grinding. Otherwise, I am still in my braces and still taking all my vitamins and the small selection of prescription meds. I can eat almost anything now ( I stay away from almonds and biting INTO sandwiches….The pulling action is a no no for any ones jaw.)

I have graduated from college and recently went to India! I had to wait at least 6 months to go anywhere because the team of docs like to keep a close eye on their patients. If anything was to happen in India, what would I do!? Apparently they have connections all over so I would have been referred to someone. I also was only allowed to go for three weeks, as a precaution.

I got back a couple of days ago and my jaw feels good. No problems. I say take the braces completely off! Can I get a “YEAAAAAAA?”

So, here a few pictures from India and from my day in Paris. Mind you there is ONE picture of me enjoying a yummy baguette. THE IMAGE IS A SET-UP. I did not in fact bite into the baguette but instead broke off pieces and consumed the baguette like royalty 🙂 I was merely trying to make a good Parisian picture.


Yay Jaw, go go goooooo

Here are some pictures from India!

This is me at The Cherish Foundation orphanage in Hyderbad. The children are all so beautiful and wonderful!



Chris and I outside the monkey temple in Jaipur!



Costume time!


Lil’ monkey and I!





5 thoughts on “Ashleys Jaw Goes to India!

    1. Hi Krista!
      I stayed at a wonderful place for about two weeks, a little more, that you can easily find online.
      Search for “Mamadux” Santa Barbara:
      Location is perfect for food (the little I had of it), entertainment (thank God I could have some it), and close to the doctors too.

  1. Hey Ashley,

    How’s the long term recovery going? Would you say that you are back to normal? What benefits have you seen from surgery, no matter how small?

    I’m hoping for a November surgery date. Will find out where I stand after my molds are evaluated.

    1. Hi!
      The long term recover is going well. My bite feels great, no shifting of any type. I can eat pretty much whatever I want (staying away from hard nuts or apples.) My energy is back to normal and even better. My sleep is great and my jaw pain is rare and at a minimum. It is usually in part due to stress IF and when there is any such pain.

      Good luck with your hopeful surgery date. I know how hard it is to have to wait until you get the confirmation 🙂

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

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