New York City for 9ish hours

Yello everyones.

I wish I was more excited but alas, I find myself….not.

I am going to New York City on Tuesday to see Dr. Mac who will examine my bite. From there he will call Dr. Chira and they will discuss my bite. On Thursday, I will go see Dr. Chira and she will tell me what they discussed.

Sounds so simple…..

I am flying down to NYC bright and early at 6 am and returning home at around 5. Yay, a day in the city….alone. I’ve decided Im going to take the train/subway/bus to get into the city instead of paying 50 plus dollars for a cab. With my luck, I’ll get off at the wrong stop and miss my appointment.

The one thing I can only hope for is that I will get a due date. And by due date I do not mean for a baby, I mean for braces. If I was talking about a baby, it would be a devil child. Rosemarys baby. And I would want it out of me asap. Instead, it’s my braces, or my grill as I like to call it.

I have now been waiting for a possible removal date for months. Last time it was simply too early for them to tell me when they would come off. And mind you, they dont all come off at once. It’s a step by step punishment, sorry, I mean “process.”

Apart from that, my bite is good. Still. Now that I have the metal braces on there’s no point in trying to hide them and people like to still ask me “do you have braces?” APPARENTLY, I DO. Honestly, what does it look like I have? Something stuck on each individual tooth? Or perhaps Im following Ryan Lochte and decided to pull this stunt:








Thanks for that Ryan.

I will update you when I find out about removal dates IF I am given any. Please pray/wish for me!


4 thoughts on “New York City for 9ish hours

  1. Hi Ashley!

    Dr. Gunson’s office called me last week – they want impressions of my teeth a full month sooner than we were expecting! Looks like I might get a December surgery date after all…

    The other day I was reading up on one of those jaw surgery discussion forums (which was perhaps a mistake)…very mixed emotions from everyone, including Gunson patients. I know that the people who post online are usually those who either had very good experiences or very bad experiences, so I try to keep that in perspective.

    I was wondering, in your case, what do you think made your experience an overall positive one and helped healing progress so quickly for you? Luck? Positive attitude? Being young (faster healing time)? Health prior to surgery? The complexity of your procedure (less involved than some, but perhaps more involved than others)? Diet during recovery? Activity level during recovery? General morale?

    Would love to hear your thoughts!

    Also, how are you in terms of numbness and overall function these days? Are you back to eating everything?


    1. Hi MK!
      Sorry for the late response. I am so excited for your tentative December date for surgery, how exciting!
      The sooner you get it over with the sooner you can move on right?

      I remember how excited I was before surgery just to do it. I’m not a patient person so being able to finally get the surgery was most of the trouble and anxiety gone right there. The worst part was waiting for the date when I would actually get the surgery. Yuck, I couldn’t stand it.
      I did a lot of yoga before my surgery and followed every. single. rule.
      I’m that patient who walked out of the office insisting I would never get braces. At my next appointment, I left with braces and an additional list of things I would refuse (and then succumb) to do. I don’t think I was lucky…I think I was prepared. I hadnt had the best health before my surgery. I am into being healthy but for example, I’v had numerous kidney stones. FOLLOWING THE RULES/DIRECTIONS is the best piece of advice I can give you.

      I think the complexity of my procedure is pretty basic…both jaws, moving forward, splitting etc. Mine was even a little more gruesome I think because they said I was a big bleeder (yuck) and during the operation Gunson was having trouble stopping the blood.

      As for my diet, ah….the toughest part for sure. I ate a lot of peanut butter 🙂 I made sure to drink A TON of H20 and you cannot let yourself slip on that. It’s so important for so many reasons. I also drank coconut water occasionally and I believe its a miracle liquid. Go for the O.N.E water instead of the other brand which tastes bizarre once you’ve had the real stuff.

      I was pretty active after my surgery. I would make sure to take my daily walks and sometimes I did a little more. It tires you out so quickly but if I wanted to go on a walk, I did.
      My morale during the recovery was pretty good. I stayed positive even during the negative times when I would proclaim my misery and pain but inside, I was just praying that the next days would be better! Yuo will definetly have some down days but the next day might be a great day. Maybe youll find something new to eat that you hadnt thought of trying. It’s the small things that count.

      As for numbness, I am no longer numb but I would have to say that my chin is not a 100 percent back. I can feel things but….I’m not sure if I can feel them to the previous extent. And as for eating, I stay away from hard nuts because if the brackets but otherwise I’m back to eating normally. I am still wary of biting into an apple though haha, I think that will take me a while.

      Hope all is well, send me any more questions you have!
      Good luck with the progress.

      1. Thanks so much for your response, Ashley – and for taking the time to make it so thorough!

        I am definitely a rule-follower (as evidenced by the fact that I actually do floss everyday with that annoying threader thing!), so I definitely plan on following all of Gunson’s guidelines to a T! I feel like his rules are much stricter than other doctors’ whose patients’ blogs I’ve read, but I’m definitely not taking any chances!

        I think the scariest thing for me will be everything leading up to the surgery…I DO want it so badly, but I was watching a video the other day of a girl prepping for the OR (gown, IV, etc) and I started crying! Your yoga recommendation is a good one, and meditation, etc.

        And coconut water – yes!

        Thank you again! 🙂

      2. Yes, Gunson is MUCH more strict but I think it’s better to have someone stricter then “looser.” They make sure to take all the necessary precautions is all.
        Don’t watch too many videos! The day of the surgery really wasnt bad because I knew I was going to be getting so much love and attention haha, it was nice to think of it that way. Like, “thank goodness my friends on the other side are thinking about me and texting me and my mom and blah blah blah.” It’s nice to know people care!
        Btw, I have been taking flaxseeds after reading your post. I put them in almost everything I eat! My favorite is breading meat in it. Adds a wonderful crunch.

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