It’s the Final Count Down.

Well, countdown may be a little bit of an exaggeration but….a hopeful (very hopeful) date has been given for when I will finally be able to get my grill removed.

Dr. Chira will be having her baby in mid- November and has set up a time line in hopes of having everything complete by that date. Yay.

*  I have informed her that if they are not removed, I will in fact show up at the birth of her child and insist she remove them promptly 😉 Just kidding.

Anywho’s, my jaw is still feeling dandy and I even munched on a granola bar today. I was rummaging through the kitchen like a squirrel searching for food when my roomie said I could have the “hard” granola bars. I felt a sense of sadness as I realised my jaw wouldn’t be able to….Oh wait, yes it can. Tehehehehehe

I broke off pieces of the granola bar (okay there were three bars in all but they were different flavors and I wanted some variety) and my little jaw was working at it. I am hoping im not in pain tomorrow but I figure until I hear a bang, crack, or god forbid the sound of a metal screw coming loose, I will be just fine.

I am still taking all thirteen of my pills, yay. I enjoy showing onlookers my ability to take so many at once. I consider this a talent. Please don’ t try to challenge me as this can be dangerous.

I made some calculations and  have now swallowed:

1,095 daily vitamins,

and a whopping 3,500 fish oil pills.


With all the Omega 3 I take, I better live to be a hundred and five.

The other medicines don’t matter but it is all either the same or more then the above. Ah, the sweet thought of filling my body up with chemicals and fish nutrients is so refreshing.

* I have recently discovered that fish oil can be bought off of Amazon for a fraction of the price. Just a fact.

I am currently working at the front desk at a classy chassy hotel and to my surprise, a dental conference is booked for the rest of the week. Oh, what a joy. As soon as my boss mentioned this to me I smiled saying “they are going to be all over me.” I am expecting a whole array of questions that I will obviously shut down immediately by exclaiming “I’M A JAW SURGERY PATIENT. This is not your simple orthodontics sir, this is far more complicated.”

I will then offer to speak of my experience at this dental conference in return for donations. I am always thinking up of new ways to bring in the dough.

Please entertain me with more of your questions and think of me as my long journey through this lonnnngggg voyage comes to a slow finish. I have begun the descent and look forward to starting my journey on a brace-free land.


5 thoughts on “It’s the Final Count Down.

  1. Dear sweet, brave,.funny Ashley,

    I have been reading and re-reading your blog for months now. My daughter, Julia, 23 is at the pre-braces stage in her journey leading to surgery with Dr. Arnett. As a former journalist, I must say that you are one of those gifted people with a natural, personal, internal voice when you write. It can’t be duplicated.

    Dr. Arnett said this strange, journey, which started for most of you, years before you met him, has produced young adults with well-developed, unique personalities that are, and continue to be shaped by this journey.

    Thank you, thank you for the service of this blog. Please, please let us know the latest!

    Julia’s Mom

    1. Dear Julia’s mom,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much! This has definetly been a long journey and as I reach the finishing line, it seems like it was just yesterday that it all began.
      I hope your daughter is doing well. She has passed the hardest part of finding out she needs surgery, braces, etc. From here on it’s just a question of waiting until she gets a surgery date. From there, it will all get easier.

      Please feel free to ask me any questions!

  2. Hey Ashley – not sure if you are still monitoring comments here, but was just wondering what all the pills were you were taking? Were they mostly prescription or vitamins? Did the doctors instruct you to take the vitamins/fish oil or is that your own doing?

    I am having surgery in a couple of months and reading your blog helped a lot!

    1. HI!
      Sorry for the late response. I’m actually writing from the office, hopefully the boss doesn’t see me 😉
      Thank you for your question! I love getting them.
      I was on…lets see if I remember them all….
      Fish oil (ew)
      Vitamin D
      Ah I even went on the pharmacy website but can’t seem to locate the medicines in my history.
      I think I was taking Doxycycline too…..
      The amount of each pill was what made it seem like a lot….2000mg of this, 6000 of that etc.
      I hated taking all of those, and I can’t believe I was able to stomach all of it.

      Overall best medicine I took? A positive attitude!
      Haha just kidding.

      I did yoga before my surgery. Lots and lots! I’m not doing it anymore but I really believe in its health benefits. I had a really good recovery and I think yoga had an effect. All the breathing exercises, stretches, relaxation.

      Any more questions? PLEASE let me know!!!!!!!

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