Yesterday was my appointment with the whole team. It is always such a wonderful delight to see them. Obviously, I came bearing gifts. Lake Champlain Chocolates (almond and cherry truffles) for the docs.

There is nothing funnier then having all three work on my mouth. You know those scenes from movies when you see the doctors from the view of the patient? All you can see is their faces with the lights attached to their heads….

I went in to my appointment expecting to find out when my braces would come off but I was also ready to not get an answer. That’s one thing that this process has taught me. Don’t expect anything at every appointment. Sometimes I would get no answer while others I would find out something that I didn’t even thinking anyone would know.

All I received was good news ๐Ÿ™‚

Turns out my mouth is at a great place. I think I heard the word “perfect” being mentioned ๐Ÿ˜‰ My braces are coming off in THIRTEEN days and I could not be more excited. This is the one thing I have been waiting for and I am still in shock that I’ll actually be able to smile like I used to. There’s nothing worse then being in a room full of people and not talking because you fear what people will say.

“Why do you have braces?” (The most frustrating question in my opinion. Oh, these ol’ things? I thought they looked good with my earrings so I got them put on.)

“OMG, I didnt even notice you had braces!?” (See, this one is half and half because on one side Im happy you didnt see them, but on the other side you just reminded me.)

The other day I was talking to a little girl at a chocolate store and no joke, she looks at me and goes. “DO YOU HAVE BRACES?” When you’re so close to getting them off it’s like you don’t care anymore about people asking. She said they were SO COOL! Andย I just laughed and said “I know!!” Ah, so naive. She has no idea….

So these babies are coming off in twelve days! TWELVE DAYS. TWELVE DAYS. TWELVE DAYS.I am definetly getting a t shirt that says “JUST GOT MY BRACES REMOVED!” I’ve been planning it for a while.ย I will be so happy that I won’t care if people stare. I have a beautiful smile and you are all welcome to see it ๐Ÿ™‚


No more flossing with a threader, no more elastic bands, no more pain.


Please feel free to ask me questions, I love reading them!



  1. Oh my gosh, I am so excited for you!!!! Yay!!!! It’s so amazing to me that all this can happen in a year (not counting the pre-op braces). Modern medicine, I tell ya…

    Is Dr. Gunson visiting you right now? I know he was out of town this week visiting patients on the East Coast, so I thought you might be one of them. He gave me clearance for surgery right before he left! (I’m orthodontically ready now, but I still have to get insurance clearance). There are two possible December surgery dates for me, but if insurance doesn’t go through in time, then I’ll have an early January date for sure. Can’t believe it’s actually going to happen!

    Congratulations again! Please post some final before-during-after pictures! What is the first thing you are going to eat without your braces?

  2. Thank you, both!
    Dr.Gunson was visiting me along with Dr. Mac from NYC. Congrats on finding out your almost set for surgery! That is so exciting! I will post some more pictures asap and as for food I’m going to eat? Probably lettuce haha.

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