Hey folks!

There are no words to describe. I just got home from my first night out in the “real world” without my braces. They have always been a sort of security blanket for me. An insecurity…yes, for sure. But at the same time, a type of protection from the outside word. An excuse, If I may say so, not to interact with that hottie by the water fountain 😉  There is nothing worse then someone criticizing you for your braces.

-Oh, I’m sorry. Are they offending you!? Let me take back my 7 hour surgery, two nights in the hospital, THREE years of preparation, physical therapy, trips to California, and COUNTLESS appointments at the dentists office back.

I feel pretty confident, a form of undefeatable. I keep catching myself laughing and smiling and then realising that its okay….I don’t need to suddenly close my mouth out of fear.

It may sound weird that it would be such a huge deal but to me, but it was. And I know I’m not the only person to have felt their braces were such a huge part of their life. I may be weird, yes. But I am in no way stupid.

My plan from here is to get back to being super healthy. Perhaps being vegan? I don’t know. Now that I don’t have my braces I feel like I need something else to study. Something to keep me occupied.

As for those of you wondering what I’ve eaten so far, I never really changed my diet. No gum still but that’s because I feel like gum is just so bad for  your jaw in general.

I was waiting in line for food tonight and noticed a young attractive male specimen cutting. His reason for cutting was…interesting. Apparently, your birthday is a reason to cut in front of a whole line of people.

OBVIOUSLY I said something. Before I got my braces I would have probably kept my mouth shut and watched him “break the rules” but tonight, heck….there was no passing me. I went right up to him and said “I don’t care if its your  birthday, I JUST got my braces removed and you need to wait in line like everyone else.”

The rest is history. My room mate got her piece of pizza and I went home and had oatmeal. (Remember the whole “going vegan” plan?, yea I started it.)

To all my followers out there 😉 Don’t think that this will be the end of it, I will be back. There are still numerous doctors appointments, trips to NYC to see doctors, and perhaps a trip to S Barb. I am beginning the last wing of my recovery.

I am so proud of all the people that have with-gone the surgery. There is nothing as emotionally and psychologically “testing.” For me, I would say it was physically challenging jsut because I love to stuff myself with food and not eating for four months was difficult. My twenty pounds lost are slowly creeping back but Im working to keep them off. That is definetly one of the things I gained after surgery. I mean, losing a pound a day has its short term benefits. It’s keeping it off that can be challenging.

For all you people out there, I congratulate you whether you’re done with surgery or just beginning!

It is all worth it.


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  1. Yay, Ashley!!!! I’m SO thrilled for you!!!! What an amazing feeling – I can only imagine!!!!

    One of the things that makes me more even resolved to do this surgery (besides health and cosmetic reasons) is knowing that it will be an incredible opportunity to grow. Facing fears of all things medical, taking on unexpected challenges, learning to identify yourself with a different reflection in the mirror… Obviously not your average, everyday part of growing up! And not one that most people will even be able to relate to. But an important one. Your post definitely affirmed this!

    I hope you’re eating more than just oatmeal as a vegan! I’m a lifelong vegetarian and mostly-vegan (I eat yogurt for digestion, and indulge in aged cheeses and ice cream every so often), so if you want any recommendations for recipes, books, or blogs, I’d be happy to give them!

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