I am upset…and very disappointed.

Here I am, almost a year post-op and I have been on a soft chew diet for three days. I can’t believe I’m actually saying those dreaded word….SOFT CHEW. After not eating solid food for FOUR months I thought I was done with that, done with the dreaded feeling of being constantly hungry and weak.

To make matters worse? I am going to NYC exactly a year after I went right before going to California for the surgery. It’s like a bad Groundhog Day scenario!

I’ve been in a lot of pain. I don’t know why? I’ve been waking up with pain in my jaw so bad I can’t sleep through a whole night. My hearing’s impaired because of a connection between my jaw and my ears. When I chew anything or talk, a strange noise like…grinding noise or crunching echoes through my skull.

I have informed Dr. Gunson, letting him know that I made an emergency appointment to see Dr. Mac in NYC. Another 400 + dollars to fly down there and thats without the appointment cost.

I wrote to them last week asking them a question. Four days ago I wrote to them again because I got no reply, repeating my previous question and saying that I was scared, that I NEEDED some kind of reassurance. Did I go through months of pain and hell for nothing? After having facial reconstructive surgery I never thought I would be in any more pain. I was told I would be back to normal..and Im not.

I have followed every single recommendation and every rule possible.

I understand that sometimes these things happen, but there is nothing worse then when your feeling ignored.

I have spent a good part of the past three years dedicating myself to my surgery. My family has made so many sacrifices to afford all the doctors appoiontments, trips to NYC, trips to California.

I was very hesitant to write on here because I didnt want to scare anyone but with the recommendation of my friends and family, it’s something that needed to be said.

I wasn’t ready to still be having issues post-op. It seemed impossible for me.

Now I’m just wondering: is it a botched surgery? Is it something that was done wrong?Am I being lied to? Is their something wrong with my joints/ligmanets/ bone that NO ONE is telling me?

All I need is answers. A simple email back.

I don’t feel that that is too much to ask for?

Of course, its possible that maybe the doctors are on vacation. Perhaps my email is not working.  Last time I saw Gunson, I was nothing but happy and I am still so reassured by his confidence in my healing and overall improvement. I know Gunson cares about my overall recovery.

I will update you once I get back from NYC.

Stay strong my fellow surgery friends.


10 thoughts on “THE BAD

  1. Hi Ashley,((hugs)) my heart sank when I read your post – Im very upset at whats going on. do you have a personal email addy I dont want to comment publicly .

  2. Hi Ashley. I am so sorry to read this. I am scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Arnett in January and now I am concerned (for you and myself). I think you really need to CALL their office and not just email and insist on speaker to the doctor directly. Please let us know as soon as you hear anything. My thoughts are with you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Daniel.
      It’s a relief to have people assure me that I am not in fact losing my mind or over reacting about this. It’s really difficult for me to mention any sort of negativity towards Gunson because he really is an incredible doctor. I just need a reply from him, that’s it.
      Frankly, I dont even know if I have the guts to call and talk to him. Im scared of what he will say about the pain. For now, Im waiting until I go see Dr. Mac. The docs are all in communication with each other so Im sure word will “get around.”

  3. Ashley you really need to call the office. Seems they are notorious for not answering emails. Pain of any kind warrants an immediate call and answers or instructions. I’m surprised Dr. Macs office didn’t tell you to call out there too. Is there a way I could talk o you through email too?

  4. Hi Krista!
    You’re right, I really should just call but frankly Im kind of scared at this point. I am putting it off until I see what the dr in NYC has to say.
    As for the pain starting after I got my braces off? The pain started about two and a half weeks ago I think and I’ve had the braces off since October 30ish. So maybe there’s a connection? That’s very possible.

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