Get Jaw Surgery: see the world.

I am sitting in a small bar in a side alley in the middle of New York City.

A crisp, cold glass of wine in hand.This morning after three hours of sleep, I woke up and departed for my appointment with dr Mac. I landed, cellphone rings.

Dr Mac is sick and my appointment is cancelled.

I kid you not.

After spending hundreds of dollars on two plane tickets ( of course, I begged my mother to come with me) we are back at the airport for our 10:30 p.m. flight back home.

I am obviously sorry that the doctor is sick. I just can’t believe that after everything, I am still in discomfort… and a chunk of dollars poorer.

I am trying to stay upbeat by thinking that maybe this means Dr. Mac will come up to see me next time. He visits up North a few times a year and I’m hoping that maybe he can just see me up here? I just cant afford another trip down there. And for those of you wondering if I did calm my sadness with cupcakes and shopping? No. Shopping? Yes. But there were no cupcakes.
My day was an emotional roller coaster. One second I was happy to be in New York City, my favorite American city. The next I was so upset to think of the money I had spent to get down there and the idea that I am back to square one.

Am I expecting too much? I know my pain matters to the doctors but there are so many factors that are pointing me in the direction of “these people just don’t care anymore.” I sometime feel like “Im done with the surgery, why should they even play attention to how im doing?”

As a conclusion to this entry. BE AWARE. Having jaw surgery is a life time commitment. Yes, you’re paying for surgery and yes, overall it ended up being about 100,000 dollars…but add on the trips you have to take. New York City and Santa Barbara are neither close nor cheap….Heck, they are probably in the top most expensive cities to visit.
I know the costs will pay off someday..when Im all healed. Oh, and also when I buy my parents a:
and, let’s add an albino baboon to that combination for all the “incidentals” that occurred before, during, and now after my surgery.

The costs just never seem to EVER end 😦
Thank you again for all your well wishes.


7 thoughts on “Get Jaw Surgery: see the world.

  1. OMG, that is absolute BS! I would be furious with his office. He should have dragged his butt to the office to see you! Or, they could have called you ahead of time…so RUDE! I am seriously rethinking having my surgery with Dr. Gunson now! Maybe, staying close to home isn’t such a bad idea! I am so sorry that you have to go through this Ashley! I would be fuming and raising a fuss!

  2. Dafuq?!?!?!? My goodness Ashley I’m so sorry that everything seems to be conspiring against you ! Doesn’t he know you’re flying from out of town – at least to have the common courtesy of a phone call acknowledging your presence and some kind of an apology or I’ll make it right on my end ! I’m speechless that all of these medical professionals are leaving you hanging in the
    dark – when you sign up for jaw surgery you expect your surgeon and the team that works with you will stick by you, offer support and be there for their patient 1-5-10 years down
    the line!
    I as well many others who’ve been following your blog are very upset, and we hope they do you right .

  3. What the f***!!! Are you kidding me. People get sick I understand but being that you flew down they should have set up for you to see a covering doctor or at least get scans etc. from the assistants to show Dr. Mac and Gunson. You had your Jaw sawed off your skull in many pieces and screwed back together. I would expect much better care and concern than you are getting. I am definitely rethinking surgery now and the importance of being somewhat local in cases of problems. Hang in there and don’t give up until you get the care you are entitled to and paid through the nose for.
    What are your parents saying about all of this? Must be so hard on them too.
    Do you see any visible changes? You really need to get a scan to make sure there is no condylar resorption happening and to see exactly what is going on.

  4. Thanks 🙂
    My parents are furious and kind of in shock. It’s hard to understand exactly WHY this is happening? There are so many pieces not fitting together at this point. I think a large part of it is lack of communication.
    As for visible changes? Nothing visible to the human eye, so to speak. I dont even know what they would have done if they saw me? I think I need a bite adjustment, I have a chipped tooth they need to fix and I think I probably need to be put on another medicine for my joints.

    1. You really need to call Gunson ASAP . They need to do an icat scan. Much easier to prevent a big problem then to let it go and relapse or something.

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