Leave a message after the beep.

Finally went to the “stranger” DR yesterday and poor man, I was NOT happy to be there. I don’t like any random doctor touching my face but I was willing to give him a chance because im desperate. I’m still in pain and frankly I’m mentally and physically exhausted from this whole ordeal.

So anyways, he comes into the examination room and it’s tense. You can feel it in the air, big time.  He looks at my mouth and says “I can fix the tooth, but it wont help the pain.”

I automatically start spewing out comments and questions on why he wasnt made aware that my problem was pain? Did the doctors not TELL him what was going on? I dont care about my chipped tooth at this point, I care about my 100,000 dollar reconstructed face and intense pain

Turns out, he didn’t know about the pain and I left empty handed. I had nothing done. No fixing the chip, nothing. Good part was that he didn’t charge me anything. I think he was afraid of me.

I never cried after my surgery but yesterday the tears came down 😦 I was just so over tired from everything. Not hearing back from anyone, feeling completely shut out of the world by my doctors who I have given so much of myself, my time, and work too.

To ease the stress I went to the gym where I recieved a call from Gunsons office. He apologized for the pain and called what I was going through “a complete nightmare.” I agreed with him and felt so relieved he was on my side.

He asked me if I was on the pain medication, which I told him I was and said I should even take a tranquilizer at night because me being stressed means Im clenching my jaw and that’s causing the pain to worsen. He said he wishes he lived in the neighboorhood and could see me but unfortunutly that’s just not possible.

His final say was that we just need to get me to NYC to figure out what to do.

He reminded me of how great a doctor he is, and how the whole team looks out for me. Even if they don’t reply as fast as I would appreciate, I felt much better getting that call from him. Felt like a big hug and a cookie.



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