I’m not sure where I left off. Somewhere between exhausted and in pain. Now, I’m frustrated and in pain. I already updated you all about my appointment with the “stanger” doctor who basically told me he had only been made aware of my chipped tooth and nothing else. Well… That night after finally breaking down and crying, I got a call from Gunson (after mom called their office…she said she was nice, but the promptness of their phone call leads me to think differently? Lioness!) apologizing and telling me he would call me back after talking to Dr. Mac and Dr. Chira.

No call.

Now, I understand they’re busy BUT I sent an email explaining that I am in so much pain. I am taking my piroxicam anti-inflammatory and popping tylenol left and right. The pain does not go away. It’s also accompanied by a backgound headache that lingers on ALL DAY. I’m still waiting for a reply and since I sent it Thursday I figure, Ill give it until tomorrow.

I just dont know what to do. I am so tired of this whole procedure and my biggest fear at this point is giving up and “living with the pain.” My teeth are moving every day as I can actually SEE them starting to go diagonal. Perhaps its a quick fix? I don’t know but I just need answers.

Im going back to Dr. Mac in a couple weeks, a day after christmas and this time i have to go alone. Lovely. Just what I want is to have to go to NYC when everyone else is at home with their families. What a bummer.

I’m wondering what he’s going to do though? Apparently bonding of some sort, reshaping, and the like. But is anyone playing attention to the pain!? I don’t care about the shape of my teeth, I care about the pain.

I wish they would read my blog as maybe that would make them realise how much distress I’m in. I am just worried and in a lot of pain 😦

I’m a person that doesn’t do well “yelling” at people or showing anger, even when warranteed.

3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Ashley, I just completed a generational case study as part of one of my master’s comm classes. It was a study regarding effective communication between the generations. Email use by Gen Y is quite prevalent, but for those in Gen X or the Baby Boomers, a phone call demonstrates urgency and personal touch; an email, information. (I realize these are generalizations/stereotypes.) I highly recommend you start calling rather than sending emails. People often read an email, think they will respond soon, and then forget to do so.

    I am so sorry you are going through so much pain and trauma (and drama) right now. Calling everyday may be the way to get through, though. I know that I was sending emails daily from India to my doctor’s office back in Santa Monica a couple of months ago and got no response. When I called, however, I got what I needed within an hour. A call implies importance. Daily calls, as you suggest, imply urgency.

    Best of luck to you and I hope you find resolution and freedom from pain soon!

    1. Thank you Deanna,
      That’s super interesting. It does make sense in many ways and I agree that picking up the phone gives a sense of urgency.

      Thanks again!

  2. definitely try and keep calling!! evan (the boyfriend) is having the surgery and every time something gets a little screwy (canceled appointments etc) he always has to call multiple times just to get a full answer. and I know it sounds funny because we are old enough to be taking care of things on our own, but sometimes his parents have to call and THEN he gets a straight answer out of them. when in doubt annoy the heck out of them, then they have to do something! keep fighting!

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