Quick news!

Hi everyone!

wrting from my my hotel room so I’m going to be super quick!! Appointment seems to have gone well yesterday. dr Mac said my jaw was twisted a little but it’s a quick fix. Today, he’s going to do some more remodeling so I will update you all.


thank you SO much all of you for the continued support!

5 thoughts on “Quick news!

    1. Apparently this happened because I “wasnt wearing my retainer enough.” Which I argued because I was told WEAR IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN so I wear it at night and when I get home from work.
      Turned out in the end that it really wasnt the retainer causing the problem but my bite? So I was in the clear I guess.
      Th emuscles in my jaw were very upset though and that was what was causing a lot of the issues. Im in still in discomfort so Im hoping the pain goes away asap.

  1. Ashley,

    I’m the mom of a 23 year old daughter who is facing similar surgery with Dr. Arnett. Thank you so much for sharing this. It sounds like the issues are related to the removal of your braces to me. You’re in my prayers. So is your mom.

    If she wants to talk to another mom, I’d love to hear from her. As one who has read too much about this, enough to be somewhat less surprised about your current situation, perhaps we can put our heads together on this.

    You’re gonna get through this!

    1. Hi Cindy!
      Thanks SO much for your sweet and kind words 🙂 I will definetly let my mom know
      and YES, I think the removal of the braces is partly to blame and Gunsons office actually metnioned that sometimes the braces are what cause your jaw to just kind of :”freak out.”
      Dr. Mac also explained to me that my teeth are trying to go “back into the bone” now because they’re not being together so that is something they are going to have to work on fixing.
      Thanks again for your support, I REALLY appreciate it.

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