New York City Part 2

Before I update you on my medical status I just MUST tell you all about my voyage to the big apple.

Mother and I departed from our home at 5 o’clock and arrive in New York City at about 12. We were staying at the Westin and the GPS got us there by 12:30…right when my appointment was to start. We valet the car.

I go into the hotel with our bags and ask the bell man if he can hold them for us. He looks on his computer and tells me I am not a registered guest. I s-p-e-l-l the name out for him because obviously he is wrong and I am correct. After driving down for so long and being late (I hate being late) I was in no mood for this little mans sass. I tried again but to no avail, I was stuck bringing my bags with me to the appointment.

I walk in the door and Dr. Mac looks at me and goes, sarcastically “I was just telling them that I have had it up to HERE with you.” I look at him, point to my jaw and (being totally honest) say..

“I am not happy, Im in pain, lets fix this…now.”

We made up later on.

After my appointment I rush back to the hotel with my bags. For some reason the hotel is different looking? I had gone up a flight of stairs with an esclator so I start going around asking for this damn escalator leading me to the front desk. I try going to a higher floor and reach an office where the lady tells me “ma’am, there is no escalator here.”

Of course, I am fuming at this point. I’m in pain, tired, and frankly…I had eaten alot for Christmas so I was feeling slightly sluggish and just slower in general. I am sure that this woman in her office is giving me a hard time because shes upset she has to spend her days talking to annoying people on the phone.


So I’m really getting angry at this point but I maintain it. It is not her fault she put on her bad attitude pants on this morning. I go back towards the escalator and say ” I KNOW I went up an escalator!”

I check in and go to my room.

Next day I go to my appointment to hear the update from Mac. As soon as I’m done, I rush back to the hotel to get the car that I had valet-ed. They tell me it’s going to be twenty minutes and I don’t have twenty minutes. I am paying sixty dollars for 24 hours and have 15 minutes to get my car. I tell them I will go get the car myself.

I’m trying to find out how to get my car and ON THE WAY realise that upon arrival I had gone to the wrong Westin. Holy muffin-top. Could I be that stupid? And it’s finally dawns on me that yes, I went to the wrong hotel.

Of course I try to blame it on the valet who should have made sure I was a registered guest but I move on. It hits me that I am now the person with the attitude. NOT A GOOD LOOK , NOT. A. GOOD. LOOK.

So I’m rushing around from 34th to Broadway to zanadoo to wherever looking for my damn car. I get to the garage that tells me I cant get my car because they will bring it to me and I just look at him and say

“I am here to see a dr. I parked in the wrong hotel. I have sixty dollars for you and that is it. ”

He let me pay just 30 🙂 IloveNewYork.

An hour and a half into our trip mother and I decide to get some food. “Mom, you got the bags from the hotel right?”

She just looks at me.

She forgot the bags in the hotel.

My reaction? Laughing. More like hysterically laughing. Mommy was crying 😦 which I didn’t like, but now she laughs so it’s become a funny story.

We turned around and went back to get our bags. What was supposed to have taken six hours took about ten as we then had to drive IN the snow storm.

We made it home safely, thank God.

And now to update you.

So my jaw was basically “twisted” in that my back teeth were not touching. This was cauing my muscles to strain thus causing severe pain in my skull/jaw/face. Apparently I have to talk slower and less.

I told Dr. Mac that this was simply not possible and had they told me this before surgery I would have been very honest and would have let them know that me talking less was just unrealistic.

He said to fix the problem he would make a few bite adjustments and then I would need to make sure my teeth don’t move. Apparently, I also need to do some more jaw exercises as my opening and closing is not up to capacity.

So it seems like it went okay. He mentioned the possibility that I would need invisalign or brackets on the back teeth to which I simply glared. There is not enough money in the world to get me to put brackets back on my teeth. I also shouldn’t HAVE to spend any more money. I am in the final stages of my journey and that’s that.

I have chosen to simply ignore the chance that I would have to spend even more money because it’s just too nauseating and I can’t handle it.

For now I’m wearing my retainers as much as possible and doing my jaw exercises and much as possible and YES I am trying to talk less.

It’s quite the challenge though.

15 thoughts on “New York City Part 2

  1. Ashley,
    You are a great story teller. I know you look forward to the day you get to change the subject. I’d love to hear Dr. Gunson’s explanation for the cause of this.

    1. Yes, and thanks 🙂
      I agree with you on that! I just dont know if Gunson would know the answedr to this, perhaps its dr Mac? Perhaps all three doctors could give me somewhat of an answer…Im just not sure at this point!

  2. I shared your blog with our wonderful dentist/pain specialist here in Texas. He knows Dr. Mac and says you are in good hands. He says it’s part science, part art. Dr. Mac will know what to do. Any change in the pain?

    1. Hi Cindy!
      Sorry for the late response. The pain is better, headaches are no longer present. Yay.
      Im still a little soar but I think its just the muscles still acting up.
      I have an appointment with Dr. Mac on Friday so we’ll see if I’ve improved at all!

    1. Hi Krista.
      Dr. Gunson cant really do anything because it’s not his area of work. This is what Ive understood at least. Once they found out it wasn’t my joints they knew it was Mac’s issue to fix.
      My ortho hasn’t contacted me?

    1. Hi Krista!
      I will update my blog shortly! Still some pain when Im stressed out because I grind my teeth but apart form that, dr mac said all that is left for me to do is some esthetics!

  3. Hey Ashley. Came across your blog a week or so ago, awesome to read some of the posts as I’m coming up on my own reconstructive jaw surgery date with Gunson and the team in June. However, I was wondering if he ever mentioned anything to you about the dangers of flying after surgery? I currently live in Utah and so I’m a tad worried after hearing others tell me how dangerous it is to do so after the procedure. Anyone ever mention anything? (I’d ask Gunson however it’s typically hard to get ahold of anyone, as you’ve mentioned in your blog as well lol).

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog 🙂 Your positive feedback is very much appreciated.
      There IS a little information on flying after surgery in the booklet but I don’t think it does it justice. In my personal situation, I was in excruciating pain. My ear canals felt like they were going to explode along with my jaw and brain. I took saline nose sprays and all sorts of other things but I REALLY recommend waiting more then two weeks before flying.
      It was simply NOT worth it.
      Hope all is well

  4. Hi Ashley,

    My mom recently stumbled across your blog and we love it (great visuals!). I am also a patient of both Drs. Gunson and McClendon and can attest to your heartfelt assertion that nothing about jaw surgery is easy (yes, the understatement of the century). I had double jaw surgery with Dr. G (my hero) a year ago this February …luckily it was on a leap day so there’s no record of said surgery 😉

    Months before surgery, I met a post-op patient of Dr. Arnett’s who was already a year and a half out. No joke, she was like a life coach and made a HUGE difference in my experience. I was so grateful to have someone to talk to, ask questions (a million) and confide in. We still talk, and yes, I’m still asking questions. Long story short, I think it’s really wonderful that you’ve taken the time to put yourself out there and talk to other people. It’s like a special club that nobody wants to be a part of!

    Anyway, I hope that Dr. M straightened everything out and that you are doing better AND that you post again soon (that was quite the cliffhanger). I also had/have post-op complications, albeit different than yours. It would be great to chat via email sometime.

    All the best from San Diego,

    1. THanks Alexis! Im so happy to hear you enjoy it!!!
      Im also so happy to hear your, like me, a patient of Dr Gunson and Dr Macs. Do you fly over to Macs often? Or does he come over there…
      I totally agree with you on the different that having someone to talk to can make. That’s why Im so happy to have started this blog. Sometimes I don’t answer as quickly but I am SO happy to answer questions from anyone anytime.
      The appointment went well too! Still healing from some swelling that I guess stems all from stress and clenching/grinding. Esthetic work is all that is left for me to do though which is good. At least Im really almost done with my recover and I hope with the pain!
      Hugs, and hope all is well!

      1. As a matter of fact, I just got back from Dr. Mac’s office yesterday 🙂 It’s a TREK from San Diego (as you know with Santa Barbara) so I try to go there as little as possible. This was only my second visit. I’m heading to SB tomorrow to see Dr. Gunson. Are your actual teeth chipping or is it the bonding that’s coming off?

        p.s. Love Lake Champlain chocolates!!! I go to Essex, NY a lot. We fly into Burlington, stop at Magic Hat (yum) and then take the ferry over. It’s beautiful up there.

      2. Hi!
        Yes, it is the bonding coming off which I should be clarifying. Its frustrating because THEY added the bonding and I never “requested” it so to have it break off, I feel like it was a problem ADDED to my list that I keep having to deal with.
        My roommate worked at LCC and used to bring me chocolate home ALL THE TIME. The five star bar is UNREAL.

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