Villagers Gone Wild

I went to my dentist appointment in Southern Vermont to get my chipped tooth fixed. There were two so that should be plural and it went well. The dentist was very nice and the drive wasn’t too bad. Rap tunes kept me company, and just made everything better 😉

The area itself was very isolated and I feared the village people would come at me with their axes.

Today, I noticed one of the teeth already chipped. Yay. You may be wondering how come I’m not more bothered and that it because I have succumbed to the anger and overridden it. It is now mine.

I did call Dr. Chira and let her know that I was very frustrated because I don’t want to leave the country (which I am next week) with a fang. Needless to say, I think she’s going to appreciate the voice mail. Its just a baby break but still.

Is this normal?

Why is it happening?

Is THIS why they want to me get fake teeth all over? So they don’t break all the time?

Now that I’m reliving the moments I’m getting angry again. It is SO frustrating to spend more then 250 dollars to fix a tooth and then have it chip. Of course, it’s never refundable and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY. They have explained it to me so many times but everytime I just don’t get it!

Do you?



Dear followers/new visitors/stumble-upon-my-blog’ers,

Not much has changed with my jaw. I’ve been beyond stressed lately and every now and then will find myself in excruciating jaw pain. I’m confident it’s muscle related and not joint related. After my appointment with Dr. Mac a month ago he said all that was left to do was esthetic things including re-shaping of some of my teeth.

Mind you these are all things that will cost a lot of $$$ so they may have to wait. There is talk of doing some gum-reduction (yum) and some veneers. I told the doctors that frankly, celebrities can keep their wide, blinding white veneers. Im fine with my teeth like this. I don’t need my mouth to look extravagant. It’s a mouth….

Anywhos, apart from that I am still taking all my vitamins (all thirteen of them) again, yum. I’m still on the piroxicam that is an anti inflammatory but might as well be candy as I swear it does nothing. I emailed Dr.Mac telling him about flights to New York City for 45 dollars and asked him, and I quote “Do you see any upcoming appointments with me in the next weeks because these plane tickets are really cheap.”

No answer.

I guess I’ll stick to paying 300 plus dollars for those wonderful last minute flights.

Apart from working and not biting into anything super hard I’ve been doing a whole lot of this: