Hola todos!
I am officially in Rome, Italy and the jaw is doing well. It gets tired every now and then which makes me think

“is this going to happen for the rest of my life?”

because honestly my jaw cannot take naps and therefor when it gets tired….I’m kind of out of options. Not talking would be mentally and emotionally distressing.

Being in Rome is quite stressful so my muscles get soar and then you can catch me massaging my face as much as I can. I swear there are knots…like the ones you get in your back. Is that possible? And would putting either A) Bengay or B) Icy,Hot on my jaw be a bad idea?

Im being so careful with what I eat because I am terrified of chipping a tooth and having to get it fixed here. Not only do I not know where I would go but insurance OH WAIT insurance doesn’t cover that haha SILLY ME. I would be stuck paying OUT OF POCKET again. Ah I miss the days of chipping my tooth every week.

But back to the positive side, I haven’t chipped one yet. I still have a chipped tooth YES but it’s the one that is always chipped and refused to be complete. Ever. It’s my little trouble-canine…always insisting on being a rebel that one. Trouble maker.

Dr. Mac gave me the thumbs up email to go to Rome which was a relief. Yes, I asked them. I wanted to make sure that it was okay 🙂

I’ve been having severe hip pain that has caused me not to be able to run/jog so I called Dr. Gunson from Italy asking him if I could take this prescribed medicine a family friend and doctor thought could help me. He got right back to me which was SUPER awesome of him and his office.

Turns out that I am on the largest dosage of piroxicam and taking more would be dangerous and cause a hole in my stomach? Or no wait, that’s if I take Advil with it. Which is really sad because I am a spokesperson for Advil (not officially, more like around my friends…college campuses for the post weekend hangover…the usual)

First of all, wow.

Second, if I am already on an antinflammatory and I am being prescribed another one for my hip, why does my hip hurt? Shouldn’t I be so medicated on anti inflammation meds that Im just livin’ la vida?
So I got off the piroxicam, took the other antinflammatory for my hip, and now Im back on the piroxicam.

Wooo, that was complicated.


 ❤  ❤