UPDATE…that isn’t really an update.

I want to update all of you, but usually an update talks about something exciting…and this isn’t really exciting. Which is good? When you’ve had a surgery and you have nothing to say about it a year and a half later I think that’s a good thing, no?

How’s my bite? Dandy. It’s just hanging out, no wait, not like that type of hanging out. It’s not hanging out of the joints. Yikes, I need to be careful with my word usage!
My bite feels great. My teeth close down the way they’re supposed to and I can eat comfortabley. The ONE thing I’m still hesitant about is apples (my life is so hard.) I don’t plan on biting into an apple at any point, like, ever. I have this image that I will bite into one and my front teeth will just chip off and I’ll be left with sharp, crunchy, uneven teeth. I have officially sunk down into my chair and my tongue is running across my front teeth because apparently just thinking of that image will cause it to happen.

Good news is that I no longer have those awful nightmares where I would close my teeth together and not be able to open my mouth again. All the while I would be biting down so hard that my teeth would just start to break off. I’d be there trying to open my mouth up but it would just keep closing down tighter and tighter. Yuck!

So yes, my teeth are doing well. I went to Dr.Mac the other week and he bonded my front teeth making them look bigger and longer. I love them! They make my mouth look more complete and less “sideways.” I have a sideways smile still, just a little but I notice it in photos. Apparently its an easy fix though, just a few thousand bucks, some removal of my gums (it would be the third time) and I’d be all set! I think I’m going to wait that one out…for a few years….until Im a millionaire….and have bought my parents a boat to thank them for spending so much on my mouth.

My face in general is fine, Im completely used to my “new look.” The most obvious change in my opinion in my cheekbones. In certain lighting they really pop out, which I like. I have to spend some time in the mirror alternating the lights to find the perfect angle where I can just float across any room Im in and have my cheekbones be prominent. I still stand behind the fact that I should have gotten a nose job but according to Gunson it wasn’t needed. I trust him so I think if he thought I needed one, he would have mentioned it. Meanwhile I live everday hoping I’ll get hit in the face by a football so I
A) Can get a nose job because as the doctor would put it “its going to be lopsided, causing complicated sinus issues and ridicule”

B) Not pay for it. Hopefully the football that hits me is one thrown by Tom Brady so I don’t feel guilty about the amount of money involved. I don’t think I could bring myself to force a third grader to pay for my nose job.

I guess only time will tell.

I have already let family and friends know what kind of nose I would like IF the situation came up that I was “under” and the doctor felt the surgery had to be performed right away.
Option A) Lindsay Lohan

Option B) Hilary Duff

Mind you, both of these lovely ladies have had their beaks redone but I just want people to know that should the time come that I am hit in the face and require a nose job, I would like the following. I look ahead in life, not ashamed.

Eating is all back to normal although I try to not bite into crunchy things. I’m more of a “pull a piece off” kind of gal, just to keep things safe.

So what’s next for me? Well, veneers are a possibility and a recommendation for the future. Not the near future but eventually these babies are going to fall off and I’m going to have to get the teeth re-bonded. As previously mentioned, I am also a candidate for getting my gums “cut” to get rid of my lopsided smile which mind you is very minimal but it’s one of those things that is quick to fix (although costly.)

Please send me questions if you have any! I love hearing from all you lovely people, no shame in asking questions whether weird, stupid, or just common sense. A question, is a question, and I love them all!

xoxo From me and my mouth.



p.s Apologies for not posting any pictures (which would have included ones of chipped teeth, apples, lindsay lohan, and yours truly.) WordPress has been having severe issues posting my pictures! I’ll look into it and update you folks.

One thought on “UPDATE…that isn’t really an update.

  1. Ashley!! Just saw this update, glad to hear you are alive, doing well, and bite is great! Most of us fall off the earth post jaw surgery! Im almost 6 months post op and would love to ask you a few questions, do you have an email address I can hit you up at?Take care!

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