Hello, it’s me.

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet? To go over…..everything.

Shout out to Adele for lending me her beautiful quotes to start off my post. And yes, I am wondering if after all these years ( 3 to be exact) you would like to go over EVERYTHING?

Okay. So maybe not everything, I’ll spare you the boring stuff 😉

It has been about 3 years since I wrote on here, but I assure you, I still visit. Every time I get a question, I am on here to answer. So please continue asking, I love being able to help out or provide some sort of reassurance.

I was looking back at old posts and ohmygoodness, I was quite the angry little elf towards the end wasn’t I? Granted, I was in A LOT of pain (which I had forgotten!) and I was unemployed which meant I had a lot of spare time to be angry and complain. Good news is that, as you can all tell, the issues were all resolved. Yes, it took a while, and yes, there were communication issues, but all is good in the world of Ashleysjaw! What a relief to be able to say that.

What prompts me to write this update is my most recent up taking! I was informed that Dr. Gunson and Dr. Mac would be visiting, so obviously, I had to attend the gathering. These doctors have become quite a part of my life. Everytime they come up to visit, I am there.

Today, all is good with my jaw. I still get sore muscles if I’m really stressed or if I was to eat a bucket full of tootsie pops, which I wouldn’t do haha (or would I…..) and the evil perpetrators that you may know as “braces” were removed years ago. OhmygoshthankgoodnessIneverthoughttheywouldleave.

My teeth still have the bonding that Dr. Mac did which was done to elongate my tooth so that they would fit my overall bite better and serve to maximize it’s overall function. I have a permanent retainer on the bottom teeth…I know, I was bummed out too. But the doctors explained that I need to have this as my bite was still settling in, yes, years after my surgery.

So I couldn’t wait to see the doctors as I had two questions I really wanted to ask. They are the following:

  1. When can I get the retainer out?
  2. Why does my jaw crack (not a pop sound…a CRACK sound) everytime I lie on my right side. Specific, I know.
  3. Okay I said I had 2 questions but I remembered I had this one too. I was getting my teeth cleaned and I was informed I had a “bump” in my mouth. This thing I like to call Henry, felt HUGE. I can only feel it if I go poking around mind you.

So, I got my responses in real time, which was awesomeeeeeee. They are as follows:

  1. Dr. Mac will let you know.
  2. Dr. Gunson showed me a whole diagram of it and explained that it is air pressure and that a simple softer pillow would resolve the issue.
  3. This is in fact NOT a bone growth (good to know my periodontist got that one right, huh?) It is in fact……and I quote “your plate.”

My plate? What do you mean my plate? Like for food? Like a platter?

Gunson explained (through the use of real x-ray jaw photographs) that I have a plate in my mouth that was inserted during surgery.

Hey, I am as surprised as you. I knew there was a lot of metal in there but hot damn, a plate!!? And I still don’t ring at the metal detector?

But anyways, the skin thinned out and is causing the plate to be more prominent and noticeable. No biggie! As Gunson said he would be happy to take it out BUT that would mean going back to the West Coast etc etc. So for now, I’m going to let the plate stay. Call me The Terminator.

I will have to schedule with Dr. Mac to go and see him so that he can make some shaping and other esthetic and functional changes. This is in order to make the final touches to my overall surgery and recovery process. I know,  I thought I was done back in ’12.

So as I look back on the whole process, I still get anxious. It was very traumatic, and going back into my blog I had forgotten just how horrible it could really be at times. However, if I had  not gotten the surgery? I would be so miserable, constantly hurting, and probably not able to eat a sandwich  whole.

As for the doctors? I would not have picked another group of professionals as this team is the best of best. Yes, it can get frustrating. I mean, let’s remember that each doctor is in a different part of the country. BUT, they work so hard together and I know that they want every patient of theirs to have the best results possible.

I feel very blessed to be where I am today with the jaw that I have.

Please send me any questions you may have, I am always very o happy to reply 🙂 🙂